The Tops Special
The Tops Special
The Original Tops

Burgers Will Be Sold for 60 Cents Each at The Original Tops

It's tough to purchase an entire meal for under $1 these days, but the Original Tops on East Colorado in Pasadena is making an exception. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, it's selling the Tops Special for 60 cents each.

The special is a old-fashioned hamburger (with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, sweet red onion, dill pickle and homemade Thousand Island dressing), topped with Tops' pastrami, mustard and American cheese.

The deal begins today, Friday, Oct. 19, and ends on Saturday, Oct. 20.

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The Original Tops has been in Pasadena since 1952 and was founded by Steven Bicos, an immigrant from Greece. Bicos turned the former coffee shop into a walk-up window and the eatery became one of the first fast casual restaurants in the area. Today, the restaurant is owned by Bicos' sons, John and Chris.

One Tops Special per guest and the promotion is not available through drive-thru.

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