Chateau Marmont's double latte
Chateau Marmont's double latte
A. Scattergood

Best Use of a Porcelain Bowl: Chateau Marmont's Double Latte

Chateau Marmont is many things to many people, depending on whether you're Courtney Love or Keith Richards or one of the rest of us. Quite aside from any late night debauchery, it is a lovely place for an interview (actors, musicians, visiting chefs on book tours) and a very lovely place for a cup of coffee. Daylight. Civilization. Actresses in astonishing stiletto heels. The staff and baristas have also designed what is perhaps the best use of a lion's head porcelain bowl we've yet seen. Although we've no idea what they might put in said bowls after hours, receiving one of these traditional French bowls with your double latte instead of the customary French onion soup is a beautiful thing.


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