Snug Harbor Biscuits, Gravy Not Optional
Snug Harbor Biscuits, Gravy Not Optional
B. Calderwood

Best Sausage and Biscuits: Snug Harbor Santa Monica

There's something satisfying about diving into a plate of sausage biscuits -- surely an entire day's worth of calories judging by the sheer number of biscuits alone -- first thing in the morning.

Even more so on a Saturday morning at Snug Harbor when you're surrounded by egg white omelet types (still glistening from their 25-mile bike ride), who can't help but stare at that heaping mound of sausage-flecked milk gravy covering your 12-inch plate.

Perhaps they simply can't imagine what might rest beneath that fantastically creamy mess (certainly nothing remotely resembling a vegetable from the nearby Santa Monica farmers market). Or maybe they're wondering how this hearty Southern truck stop staple wound up at a 1940s-era diner (it was added in the past decade by a former manager with a penchant for Southern classics).

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Either way, it's one of the best, and perhaps even the most classic, items on the menu.

Snug Harbor, 2323 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, (310) 828-2991, no website.

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