Woody's Bar-B-Cue
Woody's Bar-B-Cue
Farley Elliott

Best Places to Eat in View Park-Windsor Hills

In case you aren't familiar with the neighborhood known as View Park-Windsor Hills, allow us to introduce you to this awesome part of town.

It's the place you end up if you drive south from Culver City or trek to the other side of the Baldwin Hills. The area is primarily residential and doesn't boast a lot of commerce, which may be why you haven't had an excuse to make a pilgrimage. Or maybe you already live there and know that it's a well-preserved collection of classic ranch-style homes with some breathtaking city views and a strong sense of community pride.

There's also a pretty mixed bag of dining options waiting for you, most of which boast a tinge of the South. If you're looking for gumbo, a po' boy or soul food, this is where you should be heading.

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With so much abundant parking and a few prime spaces for lease, we hope a few more business owners might follow in these spots' footsteps and give the people even more to choose from. In the mean time, here are five family-owned and locally managed spots — in no particular order — that we particularly like, to check out for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you find yourself cruising down Slauson Avenue hoping to find something casual to eat. 

Veg Burger at Simply WholesomeEXPAND
Veg Burger at Simply Wholesome
Rachael Narins

Simply Wholesome
Simply Wholesome is one of those places that seem to exist outside of space and time, thanks to the well-preserved Armet Davis Newlove Googie building it resides in. Proudly situated at the corner of Slauson and Overhill, it's a perpetually busy restaurant and (somewhat sparse) health-food store with a huge patio and an epic soundtrack. What makes it worth a trip — or a stop on the way to the airport — is the upbeat attitude and that it is the finest meat-eater and vegan-friendly Caribbean-ish restaurant in town. We recommend anything on the breakfast menu and the outstandingly flaky, perfectly portable Jamaican patties that come with assorted fillings, including a spicy curried chicken and a vegetarian cabbage version. The house-made veg burgers are also hearty and outstanding with a topping of grilled onions. As an ad hoc community space, it also has live music on Saturdays. 4508 W. Slauson Ave., View Park-Windsor Hills; (323) 294-2144.

Puerto Nuevo Restaurant
The always smiling Jose Ramon opened this family-friendly neighborhood spot in 1996 and it's still going strong, thanks to fast, fresh food and a low-key, working-class charm. Sit at the counter and watch them make fresh juices (at half the price of any juice bar in nearby Venice) or slide into a booth and order anything from a standard tuna melt to a pretty great snapper Veracruz. The menu is a mix of Cal-Mex classics and standard diner fare. There's also a side patio, if you want to eat outside, and plenty of parking in back. 4445 W. Slauson Ave., View Park-Windsor Hills; (323) 299-6055.

View Park-Windsor Hills
View Park-Windsor Hills
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Wings N' Greens
This brightly lit, family-owned chicken-and-sides place rocks some of the creamiest mac and cheese around. The menu is a thoughtful mix of house-made rotisserie chicken and Krispy Krunchy-brand fried chicken. Along with your chicken, sides like black-eyed peas and cornbread dressing really stick out and should be considered when you are piling up on wings and perfectly cooked collards. They also make a Cool Citrus Chicken Salad with avocado, cranberry and walnuts, which makes a great lunch. As for dessert, the very homey baked goods — the caramel pecan cake in particular — are a fuss-free sweet lover's dream. 4448 W. Slauson Ave., View Park-Windsor Hills; (323) 290-9922.

Woody's Bar-B-Que
Carry-away is the name of the game at the original Woody's Bar-B-Que. For almost 30 years, locals have lined up for the classic takes on pork ribs and tips, and the standard Southern sides. With several other locations in L.A., you don't have to be in Windsor Hills to enjoy the food, but no matter where you go to get it, make sure to pick up a lot of napkins. Barbecue this good is messy work. 3446 W. Slauson Ave., View Park-Windsor Hills; (323) 294-9443.

New Orleans Sno-BallsEXPAND
New Orleans Sno-Balls
Rachael Narins

New Orleans Sno-Balls

If you've spent any time eating in New Orleans, you might remember and crave the utterly unique sno-ball. Almost shaved ice and almost ice cream, it's a concoction that was created expressly to beat the heat. At New Orleans Sno-Balls, you can have the large mass of shaved ice topped with lots of super-sweet flavors like cherry, cotton candy, wedding cake, rum or watermelon. If you want to do it right, order yours New Orleans–style, with a drizzle of condensed milk added to the mix. In keeping with the Deep South theme, they also serve a fiery gumbo and golden-fried funnel cakes under a cloud of confectioner's sugar. Bring a few kids along and let the sugar high ensue. If you need more NOLA style food, you can pick up a decent po' boy next door at Orleans and York Deli4452 W. Slauson Ave., View Park-Windsor Hills; (323) 292-3145.
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