Medusa Lounge
Medusa Lounge
Levan TK

Best Bars in L.A. for Feeling Halloween-y

There are two weekends standing between us and Halloween — but for many, that just means two weekends of partying. Below are bars in L.A. that for one reason or another are perfect for spooky fun, whether it's their costume parties or their general hauntedness. The first four options are getting into the spirit overall but will specifically host themed parties on the actual day: Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Sixth Street Tavern
Capitalizing on what may be the most popular scary movie of the year, Sixth Street Tavern is really getting into clowns on Halloween: It'll be all things IT at this downtown bar. That means, of course, that this probably will be the most terrifying place on the city on the 31st. Scary clowns don't mess around.
630 W. Sixth St., downtown.

Library Bar
Is it weird to have a Stranger Things–themed party at a bar, since it's a show about kids? Probably best not think too deeply on that — or go meta and dress as Lydia from Beetlejuice.
630 W. Sixth St., downtown.

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Beelman's does have some nice tiki drinks on its menu, so its "tiki" theme almost makes sense — but remember that culture is not a costume, so be intelligent about it. (Also, tiki does not equal Hawaiian.) Maybe go as Donn Beach or Sunny Lund, the couple that created tiki right here in L.A.
600 S. Spring St., downtown.

Spring Street
If you're looking for something totally lighthearted, the Spring Street bar is your best bet: toga party! Well, technically it's an Animal House party, so you could come wearing a COLLEGE sweatshirt and honestly call yourself costumed. Easy!
626 S. Spring St., downtown.

Best Bars in L.A. for Feeling Halloween-y (6)
Levan TK

Medusa Lounge/Batcave
Medusa Lounge is a strange bird of a bar, a kind of gothic/German oompah mashup in a cavernous setting. The bar hosts a monthly event called Batcave, which is a themed costume party. So if you come here for Halloween revelry, best to bring your A-game.
3211 Beverly Blvd., Westlake; (213) 382-5723, medusaloungela.com.

The Frolic Room
The Frolic Room
Jared Cowan

The Frolic Room
This bar has seen some things, and it shows. The Frolic Room is right in the heart of Hollywood, and a throwback to the last century. It has industry history and grumpy bartenders, and you can feel the spirits of forgotten starlets sitting at the back bar.
6245 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; (323) 462-5890.

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Courtesy Yamashiro

This L.A. landmark is said to be haunted by more than one ghost. Makes sense, given that Yamashiro is 100 years old and has been both a brothel and a private residence to an oddball family, among other things. Go to the courtyard and see which trapped soul calls out to you. The sugary cocktails probably help with that.
1999 N. Sycamore Ave., Hollywood; (323) 466-5125, yamashirohollywood.com.

The Townhouse/Del Monte Speakeasy
The Townhouse/Del Monte Speakeasy
Courtesy Townhouse

The Del Monte
Located in the basement of Townhouse, the Del Monte was an actual speakeasy during actual Prohibition. hiding out semi-secretly after it was built in 1915 and enjoyed initial success. It's very dark, it smells a bit like gin, and it's one of the best spots in town for a classic cocktail.
52 Windward Ave., Venice; (310) 392-4040.


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