latte at Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice, Calif.

Barista Champ Nik Krankl Coming to Gelato Bar in Studio City

Barista extraoridinaire Nik Krankl, who just won the Intelligentsia barista championship for wholesalers in Chicago, will be showing off his steaming, swirling and pulling talents as guest barista at Gelato Bar in

Gelato Bar's Studio City

(4342 1/2 Tujunga Ave. Studio City, CA 91604). Pop in if you want to catch Krankl, who's the son of Gail Silverton (Gelato L.A.) and nephew of Nancy Silverton (Mozza), before he competes for Southern California in the regional championship.

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NOTE: In today's Gold Standard newsletter, our weekly update of food news and events, we mistakenly stated the event would occur at Gelato Bar's Los Feliz location. We apologize for the confusion.


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