A bacon muffin (left) & banana chocolate Danish (right) from Some Crust Bakery in Claremont.
A bacon muffin (left) & banana chocolate Danish (right) from Some Crust Bakery in Claremont.

Bacon Muffins & Banana Chocolate Danishes at Some Crust Bakery

No one should eat the banana chocolate Danish at Some Crust Bakery in Claremont -- at least not for breakfast and definitely not by yourself. I'm not saying I couldn't. (Don't tempt me.) I'm just saying we all have a pair of skinny jeans, real or metaphorical, that we want to fit into, and this behemoth of a breakfast pastry seems like it was invented solely to foil those attempts.

Some Crust Bakery: cupcakesSome Crust's banana chocolate Danish is the Andre the Giant of Danishes. Pregnant with banana cream, it can barely be contained by a standard salad plate. This isn't one of those pastries topped with a few miserly drizzles of chocolate. This sucker is covered nearly edge to edge with a quarter-inch layer of dark chocolate that must be the caloric equivalent of two Hershey bars.

Some Crust is not a bakery to be trifled with. Their cupcake varietals extend into the dozens, lovingly merchandised in a multi-tiered glass case at the back of the store -- right where the line of customers often ends.

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Where some eateries will add bacon to any recipe, clumsily trying to cash in on the food trend, Some Crust makes a bacon muffin where the signature elements are perfectly married. Halfway between cornbread and a standard muffin, the cake betrays a hint of sweetness, perfect for setting off the considerable chunks of salty bacon that embedded throughout.

Some Crust Bakery: 119 Yale Ave., Claremont. (909) 621-9772. www.somecrust.com


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