Pluots from Briar Patch
Pluots from Briar Patch
Amy Scattergood

August at L.A. Farmers Markets: Your Virtual Grocery List

It's August at Los Angeles farmers markets, which means tomatoes (and more tomatoes), extraordinary late season peaches, fresh beans and fresh dates, quince and the first batch of apples. Speaking of apples, Mike Cirone of See Canyon, who grows 85 varieties of apples up in San Luis Obispo, says that we can expect a really good season, weather and random-acts-of-god permitting. "This is the kind of weather that they like," said Cirone of the relatively cool summer we've had. He's been light on apricots and peaches though. "Half of normal of my peaches. They're going out early. I'm not counting my chickens," Cirone said of his apples, not his invisible poultry. "We could get another heat wave."

So pick up some peaches while you can. Regier Family Farms had groaning tables of O'Henry peaches this past Wednesday, and estimated having two more weeks of them.

Check out our virtual grocery list, taken recently at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmers market. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

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