An Evil Piggie Made of Marzipan: Or, Candy-making With Norwegians

You may have done some amazing holiday baking recently, but we're pretty sure you made nothing as gnarly and awesome as this sinister pig sculpted from 10 kilos of marzipan. That's 22 pounds of sweet almond paste crafted into a demon dessert worthy of a Gwar show.

Norwegian Jonas Laberg made this sweet treat as a Christmas present for two girls aged 7 and 5, but realized his good intentions might freak out his friends' young daughters.

Laberg expressed this worry with his first batch of photos, which shows the construction process. But the girls' reactions? Quite well-adjusted, in a Grimm Brothers fairytale-ending sort of way. You can see that on Laberg's second batch of photos.

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Shuji Sakai

writes about demon dessert pigs and potty-mouthed, mother-flippin' ice creams. Follow him on





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