chocolate cake
chocolate cake
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Adventures in Veganism: No Udder Desserts

There's plenty to say about No Udder Desserts, an all-vegan bakery located in a Woodland Hills mini-mall. However, for just one second, forget all about the fact that the eatery sells tempting treats such as chocolate cake and Vinkies (vegan Twinkies, basically), brownie cookies, gluten-free whoopee pies, apple turnovers, cheesecake, myriad cupcakes and organic fair-trade coffee.

Because the most important thing to know about No Udder Desserts is that they sell a cake that looks exactly like a hamburger. Yes, a hamburger.

This cake is worth the $6.50 price tag just for the visuals. The buns are made from a marvelous vanilla cake to which sesame seeds are glued on using corn syrup and water. A green layer of vanilla frosting creates the lettuce. This is crucial to vegans, because we like our greens, even when our greens mean an extra half-hour on the treadmill.

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Below the "lettuce" is a red layer of more vanilla frosting reminiscent of a tomato -- or is it ketchup. Underneath the "tomato" is a brownie cookie masquerading as "meat." And if that isn't enough sugar to make you want to run to Texas and back, below the "meat" is a layer of white vanilla frosting as a stand-in for the mayonnaise.

Once you get over the hamburger cake, there are also pecan bars, lemon bars and a peanut butter and chocolate contraption that tastes exactly like a Reese's, all of which are 100 percent vegan.

Owner Trisha Pahmeier is the brains behind No Udder Desserts. The Winnetka resident claims to be 57 years old, although she could easily pass for much younger. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that she's been vegan for approximately five years, hasn't had dairy since 1986 and gave up beef when she was 15 years old.

Pahmeier sold her vegan treats for seven years to stores in Culver City, Hollywood and Redondo Beach before opening No Udder Deserts in May 2011. Her food can also be customized and is available for parties or other occasions.

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