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626 Night Market
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5 Tasty Reasons to Hit Up the Next 626 Night Market

The 626 Night Market is back again this weekend, for the second run of their 2014 summer series at the Santa Anita Park. After July’s wildly successful turnout — about 50,000 people attended — organizers added an additional day to the event.

The night market will be open Friday and Saturday, Aug. 15-16 from 4 p.m.-1 a.m. and on Sunday, Aug. 17 from 4-10 p.m. As usual, some vendors will be switching up their menu items to keep people guessing. And a few vendors are collaborating with other fellow vendors to create new items just for the occasion. Here are five particularly tasty reasons to hit up the next 626 Night Market.    

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La Sriracha Macha's tasting menuEXPAND
La Sriracha Macha's tasting menu
La Sriracha Macha

5. Sriracha Tasting Menu
Just because La Sriracha Macha is a hot sauce doesn’t mean the folks who bring it to you can’t amp up their food game. The Mexican and Asian fusion hot sauce vendors will be offering a 5-course tasting menu for $10, as creator Lincoln Lee uses his La Sriracha Macha to highlight the uses for the hot sauce. Courses will include: Korean sweet and fiery sesame filet mignon tartare; oyster in a half shell with lemon; diablo eggs and toast; triple-fried chicken and gravy with a waffle crumble; and candy. There will only be 500 tasting menu plates each day, so get there early.

Waffle Boss

4. Sugar Crunch Waffles
Waffle Boss specializes in sugar crunch waffles, which is their take on Belgium-style Liege waffles. They'll have their most popular summer item, the Churro Dream available, which features vanilla ice cream, double doses of caramel sauce and cinnamon sugar, all tucked between their caramelized waffles. Another fan-favorite that will be available is their ‘I <3 HK’ (I Love Hong Kong) waffle, which is their tribute to the traditional Hong Kong-style street waffle.

SOLIDNitro Brew Coffee and Churro Dippers.EXPAND
SOLIDNitro Brew Coffee and Churro Dippers.

3. Coffee on Tap and Churros Dippers
SOLIDCoffee will be bringing their mobile brew bar to the night market. It features a pour-over stand and coffee on tap to serve their SOLIDNitro Brew Coffee, (chocolatey and nutty flavors, creamy and smooth texture). Coffee ice cream floats will also be on the menu, as will their churro dippers. Choose between Bourbon dulce de leche, chocolate Kahlua, and raspberry tequila dipping sauces for their churros. 

Mama Musubi's Yellowfin Poke Seaweed "Taco."
Mama Musubi's Yellowfin Poke Seaweed "Taco."
Mama Musubi

2. Sriracha Spam Musubi
Night Market veteran Mama Musubi likes to roll out new specials at each night market. This weekend is no exception, as they'll be using fellow vendor La Sriracha Macha’s hot sauce to create a honey-Sriracha spam musubi for the occasion. In addition, they'll be teaming up again with chef Jay Terauchi to create yellowfin tuna poke “tacos." Of course, Mama Musubi’s original rice balls flavors will still be available at the night market for those who prefer their favorites to the new stuff. 

Spicy Teriyaki Bacon Jerky egg puffEXPAND
Spicy Teriyaki Bacon Jerky egg puff
Puffect Bakery

1. Egg Puff Waffles
Puffect Bakery will be making Hong Kong-style egg puff waffles, in a few flavors. The egg puffs, which taste kind of like funnel cake, are actually inverted waffles that are crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside. Available flavors will include original, cinnamon-sugar, Thai tea, red velvet, green tea and black sesame. The bakery will also be doing a strawberry-banana Nutella egg puff for $6. Also, in collaboration with another fellow vendor, Purrfect Bakery has teamed up Banzai Jerky to create a savory spicy teriyaki bacon jerky egg puff. And if Hong Kong egg puffs aren’t your thing (really??),, Puffect will also be bringing 15 different macaron flavors to the night market. In addition to flavors such as horchata, lychee and Thai tea, look for their first boozy macaron, which is spiked with Patron.

Bonus: Ghost Pepper Hot Wing Eating Contest
Do you have what it takes to take on one of the world’s hottest chiles? If you can handle the spice, Bhanu Indian Cuisine will be having a Ghost Pepper Hot Wing Eating Contest. Participants need to eat 10 hot wings laced with the chiles in under five minutes. Mango Lassi smoothies will be provided to help contestants cool off the heat. Winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to Bhanu Indian Cuisine and Grocery, a Keep Calm and Curry On T-shirt, and some ghost pepper pods to remind them of the pain they had to go through to win. The challenge will be held on Friday, August 15, at 7 p.m. on the main stage. To pre-register for the event, email anil@mybhanu.com by midnight Thursday —  or just show up to watch the fun. 

As usual, parking will be free for the event and there will be a $3 admission fee. Children 6 and under are free. The 626 Night Market will be open August 15-16 from 4 p.m.-1 a.m. and on August 17 from 4-10 p.m. For more information, you can visit their website at 626nightmarket.com. The 626 Night Market will be at Santa Anita Park, 285 West Huntington Drive in Arcadia.

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