Avoid the Superbowl
Avoid the Superbowl
Brandon Buck

5 Places to Eat and Drink While Avoiding the Super Bowl + Drinking at Disneyland!

Not all of us were swaddled in Lakers jerseys straight from the womb or outfited in 49ers onesies as toddlers. There are plenty amongst the sports fanatics who dread play-by-plays at parties and worry about their job security when everyone is raving about rankings around the proverbial water cooler.

To those who don't get a rush of adrenaline from the marriage of bleu cheese and wings, and who are not planning an 8-layer ultimate dip for Sunday -- rest assured you are not alone. If your fantasy league kicked you to the curb, if you've already lost money on the game, or if you still don't know from where the Ravens hail (you know who you are), check out these 5 places to eat and drink this Sunday at 3:30. p.m PT.

Homemade Cocktails
Homemade Cocktails
Vanessa Bolden
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5. Your House:

The only absolute way to avoid game day congestion, collective screaming and public vomiting is to stay home. Gather your like-minded friends, mix up some cocktails or pick up a mini-keg from one of the locations previously posted, and order in. Queue up some of this year's Academy Awards contenders and call it an Oscars preview night.

The Culver Hotel
The Culver Hotel

4. The Culver Hotel:

Avoiding the game Sunday is the perfect opportunity to check out the historic Culver Hotel. Built in 1924, the bar area and hotel exterior retain that classy pre-Prohibition thrill. Sip a happy hour cocktail from 4-7 p.m. or order a round of $5 appetizers while you consider the generations of movie stars who have resided in the rooms above you. Stay until 7:30 p.m. and you'll be convinced by live jazz musicians that it was better to be in marching band than on the football team.

Venice Ale House
Venice Ale House
Flickr/ Velcr0

3. Venice Ale House:

Nary a TV can be found in the small bar or beachside patio of Venice Ale House -- a natural place to avoid the game. Enjoy sweeping ocean views in lieu of jersey-clad drunks and order a $20 pitcher of Bloody Mary or mimosa from 12-3 p.m. -- or an Anti-Football grass-fed burger and select draft beer for $15. With sunset comes discount beer, so you might as well stay and let the day end on your sport-less Sunday.

The Thirsty Crow
The Thirsty Crow
Elina Shatkin

2. The Thirsty Crow:

With a custom-made house bourbon from Buffalo Trace available at the happy hour during the game, we sincerely hope the usual Thirsty Crow patrons are football fans -- no TVs here! There may even be elbow room at this mixology mecca for the $5 whiskey pours from 2-7 p.m. Don't want to groom your moustache for the occasion? Try the Crow's sister bar, Bigfoot West -- also featuring the custom bourbon -- for a less sceney crowd.

Carthay Circle Restaurant
Carthay Circle Restaurant
Flickr/ Sam Howzit

1. Disneyland California Adventure Park:

This may seem an unorthodox place to drink, but rumor has it Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year to hit up the California institution. Thought it was a dry themepark? California Adventure serves Racer 5 and Red Rocket from Bear Republic at multiple locations in Cars Land. Or try the Carthay Circle Restaurant for a selection of over a dozen California craft beers, including flights -- something to make the happiest place on Earth a whole lot happier.

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