Peek-a-boo, y'all.
Peek-a-boo, y'all.

5 Paula Deen Holiday Recipes We Don't Want To Try

In the spirit of the season, we thought we'd go through 2011 Rose Parade Grand Marshal Paula Deen's rich, buttery collection of online holiday recipes and highlight a few stand-outs. Deen is the author of cookbooks, magazines and hosts "Paula's Best Dishes" on the Food Network. The take-away? When in doubt, throw everything into a deep fryer.

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5. Deep Fried Stuffing On A Stick:

When you get tired of ordinary stuffing, use this recipe to complicate and fatten up the traditional stuff. Deen prepares and bakes a batch of stuffing, divides it into twelve portions, puts each serving on a stick, rolls the stuffing sticks in flour and finally drops them into a sea of cooking oil.

4. Deep Fried Cranberry Sauce Fritters

It's hard to tell whether these fritters are an appetizer, a side dish or a dessert -- can't knock Deen for creating versatile dishes. For this oily and sugary recipe, dredge rounds of frozen cranberry sauce in a floury batter. Then fry, baby, fry.

3. Christmas Ham:

What holiday is complete without a ham? From the surface, Deen's Christmas Ham looks like any other butt end ham. But look at the surface again. There are Christmas decorations on that ham. Deen instructs aspiring butterers to unroll two cans of crescent rolls into a rectangular shape, and "drape" them over the partially baked ham, fully covering it in dough. Take a third can of crescent rolls and use cookie cutters to make holiday shapes that will adorn your "dough draped ham." Nothing like doughy ham.

2. Mrs. Hoggle's Stuffed Cranberry Sauce:

All of these things are not like the other: pecans, mayonnaise, sour cream and cranberry sauce. But that's all it takes to put together this simple, gross concoction. We're not sure what to serve the sauce with, but Deen advises that it will "jazz up your holiday table." She says nothing about actually consuming such a sauce.

1. Fruit Cake Drop Cookies:

There's nothing too outlandish about this recipe. But does anyone like fruit cake enough to want to make cookies with green cherries in them? Fruit cake already gets plenty of flack for being the neglected, unloved child of holiday foods. Cookies will not help its cause.


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