Chochoyotes at VerlaineEXPAND
Chochoyotes at Verlaine
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Here Are Some New L.A. Restaurants to Check Out Now

Foodies in L.A. have it made. The city boasts some of the best restaurants and celebrates the cuisine of many cultures from across the universe. If that's not enough to convince you that dining in L.A. is always fresh and exciting, our food scene is constantly evolving as new restaurants sprout up and old ones get makeovers. Here is a list of new and reopened restaurants in L.A.

Diego Hernandez's Verlaine Opens in the Old Dominick's Space
According to reps for the project, the group is looking "to create a restaurant that speaks to the year-round bounty of California produce and farming, as well as the influences and culinary experiences that each bring to the project. This is not a Mexican restaurant; it is a chef-driven restaurant with a Mexican chef at the helm."

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Wolfdown's Korean fried chickenEXPAND
Wolfdown's Korean fried chicken
Joanne Kim

Wolfdown Replaces Nicky D's in Silver Lake, and a Local Reconsiders Gentrification
Wolfdown, the new dinner spot on Rowena, is mostly Asian-influenced and largely produce-driven, modern and atmospheric and trendy. Back then it was Nicky D’s, which was just about the opposite of all of those things.

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The flowering broccoli pie
The flowering broccoli pie
Scott Reitz

Beloved Bakery Lodge Reopens, This Time With More Pizza
Lodge 2.0 opened recently, and aside from the paper-wrapped loaves offered for sale from a carousel in the dining room, the space looked less like the bakery and coffee shop that opened in 2015 and more like a pizzeria.

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The Zayde
Katie McGehee, Socially You

Fleishik's Raises the Question — Is a Deli a Deli If it Doesn't Serve Rye Bread?
Fleishik's Sandwiches, Nosh and Whiskey opened recently to utter madness, with lines of people eager for kosher sandwiches forming out the door.

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Here Are Some New L.A. Restaurants to Check Out Now (5)EXPAND
Danny Liao

Earle's (Formerly Earlez Grille) Returns to Leimert Park After Making Way for the Crenshaw Line
A beloved Leimert Park restaurant has returned after an absence of more than three years. Earle’s, formerly known as Earlez Grille, has relocated to a bright new space a few blocks south of its previous location.

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