Liam Waldman's 3rd grade essay anout ink.
Liam Waldman's 3rd grade essay anout ink.
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3rd Grade Food Writing: 9-Year-Old Pens Essay About His Visit to Ink.

Liam is 9 years old, and he cares deeply about food.

I first heard about Liam from my son. They share a 3rd grade classroom, and stories began to trickle home about bizarre restaurant smackdowns happening between the two of them. It was a classic tale of childish one-upmanship -- but instead of boasting about who has the best video games or baseball card collection, the two of them were tussling over dining. "Have you been to Animal?" Liam would ask.

"Yes," my kid replied, "have you been to Milo & Olive?"

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"I've been to Fig & Olive. How about ink?"

It turns out, ink is Liam's favorite restaurant, so much so that he wrote an all-important school assignment about his visit there. I got my hands on his essay, and got permission from Liam and his parents to reprint it here. We've kept Liam's spelling and punctuation intact because it's awesome. Enjoy.


By Liam Waldman

Today I had a surprise ahead of me and it was a great one we were finnaly going to ink and it was to good to be true so we drove in the car listened to some music, played the quiet game and then we got there (thankfully) and walked out of the valet and I walked through the gate and into the dream restaurant.

Yes it was phenomenal a truly archetechtual sculpture so I sat down and for the first time I didn't use the I-phone. I carefully chose one meal after another the courses were very tiny and very unexpected the food came lightning fast apr. 2 min. and very pleasently. I picked my odd shaped spoon, dug it into the cylinder shaped egg-cheese ravioly right then I knew this was the restaurant for me.

I got very thirsty so I curiously asked the waitress "What drinks do you have?" But then something caught my eye. It said "homemade sodas," and she said, "Well I love the pina-colada." And I looked and found it in the homemade non-alcoholic sodas, so I obviasly ordered it.

Then the most beautiful dish came out snap peas it might sound pretty ordinary but it was very out of the ordinry. It was also very equisite and a looottt of attention to detail. Now there's the burrata with an egg yolk.


Oh now here comes the pig intestants. I forced my fork into the intestines: crruuunch! It broke. But then I said, "Oh well, I'll have to eat it with my hands." I picked it up with clean fingers and I put it in my mouth it tasted like heaven.

Now we were stuffued to the end in my surprise they called us out to meet


I shyly walked out and there he was my hero. I proudly shook his hand with his tatooed hand and then he looked at my brother "hey, come with me" he exclaimed and then they ran next door to his next door restraunt and they gracefully came back with 8 delicious cookies.


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