The Specialty Pizza from Petrillo's in San Gabriel.
The Specialty Pizza from Petrillo's in San Gabriel.

362 Pizza Slices in 912 Days

We thought we had intestinal fortitude with our 30 Burgers/30Scoops/30 Sandwiches series, but we're more impressed by Colin Hagendorf, who set out to try every pizza sold by the slice in Manhattan. The 28-year-old Brooklyn resident, who was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, has sampled 362 slice joints during his two-and-a-half-year quest.

It was a massive undertaking, so Hagendorf had to set some parameters:

He narrowed his focus to Manhattan and set simple rules: only order plain cheese pizza; only eat at places selling individual slices; and no going back after canvassing an area to catch newly opened establishments.

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While Los Angeles experiences its own explosion of pizzerias, we've got a long way to go to before there's a slice pizza joint in every neighborhood.

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Hagendorf reviews all the slices on his blog, Slice Harvester, and rates them on an eight-slice scale. Only one, Pizza Suprema near Penn Station, has earned a perfect score.

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