Pazzo Gelato: Pistachio + Chocolate

30 Scoops in 30 Days: Pazzo Gelato (Day 20)

The other day we talked about the incredible pistachio gelato at Bulgarini. Today, it's all about the chocolate gelato at Pazzo. This small Silver Lake shop near Sunset Junction makes incredible, creamy gelato that's densely flavored and as soft as silk.

Pazzo Gelato: Assorted Flavors

We're suckers for all of Pazzo's chocolate flavors, whether it's plain dark chocolate made with copious amounts of Valrhona or spiked with cayenne or a mellowed with toasted almonds.

The flavors range from primal and earthy (like a chevre and sour cherry so intense it might have come directly from the dam's teat), to note-perfect classics (like mango, pistachio and banana) to surprising, and surprisingly good, mash-ups like pineapple celery sorbet.

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Pazzo Gelato: Interior

Pazzo also makes decent coffee, which means that although interior is small, the outdoor tables are a perfect a spot to while away a summer afternoon typing on a laptop or watching the scenery, a couple blocks removed from the bustling scene at Intelligentsia.



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