3 Fun Smartphone Games to Help You Play with Your Food

3 Fun Smartphone Games to Help You Play with Your Food

When it comes to food, your smartphone can do more than take photos of it. You can also hone your fruit slicing speed or try your hand at running a fast-casual restaurant. Last week, Bloomberg reported that game developer King was taking steps towards becoming an IPO. It's unsurprising given that their game Candy Crush Saga now tops Angry Birds in popularity with 66 million (or 45 million, depending on the report) players dotted around the world.

Available on both Andoid and iOS platforms, the games are free to download. And although you'll likely have to pay for advancement to another level or realm, that doesn't seem to have deterred players from playing with their food. Turn the page for three fun smartphone food games making the rounds right now.

3 Fun Smartphone Games to Help You Play with Your Food
Half Brick

3. Fruit Ninja

As a fruit ninja, your task is simple: Slice as many fruits with swipes of your finger -- or sword, in this case -- while avoiding the occasional ticking bombs tossed in the air. If you last long enough, you'll come across an iridescent pomegranate that allows for multiple swipes and, in so doing, gain multiple points. The premise is simple enough, but maintaining a steely concentration amidst flying apples, oranges and watermelons for a sustained period of time isn't always easy. Precision is what separates a ninja from a novice. To get ready for battle, there's an impressive dubstep music video featuring a real-life fruit assassin.

3 Fun Smartphone Games to Help You Play with Your Food

2. Diner's Dash

Diner Dash spawned a series of related games (Cooking Dash, Wedding Dash, Hotel Dash) as well as a half dozen imitators. In the PlayFirst original, you're a tireless waitress named Flo. As the main character, you must dart about in the restaurant to seat guests, take their orders, bring dishes to guests and clean up for more guests to come. Speed is prized here; the faster you can clear out a table, the sooner you can bring in another group. Bonus points if you seat the groups at tables according to the color of their outfits.

3 Fun Smartphone Games to Help You Play with Your Food

1. Candy Crush Saga

Make a small row of three candies alike in color to clear them; line up candies four in a row or as an 'L' to create striped candies or candies in plastic pouches, respectively, for

The challenges become more elaborate as you progress. There are currently 365 levels in all, subdivided into themed lands with names -- often alliterative -- like Cupcake Circus or Minty Meadows. King was founded in 2003, but it wasn't until the past year that the UK-based company gained international attention for Candy Crush Saga.

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