The Juice in Atwater Village
The Juice in Atwater Village

13 Places in L.A. to Get Your New Year's Resolution Juice Cleanse

It’s time to face the facts. Or in this case, your bathroom scale. The past month and half has been an ongoing party for your tastebuds. Champagne flowed, turkey roasted, gold boxes of chocolate truffles were devoured and giant platters of cheese and bread went from pretty wooden boards straight to your thighs.

But there is no need to regret it. It was delicious. We're proud of you, actually. And thankfully, there are over a dozen juice shops in L.A. that are prepared to help you follow through on that New Year's resolution to reset the dial and get back into shape with pre-made juice-cleanse packs.

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Many of these cleanse providers promise to make you feel lighter, thinner, more energetic and all around healthier. And more importantly, they give you no excuse to avoid this juice route because most of them will deliver right to your door. 

The Juice
The Atwater village juice shop offers three types of cleanses for varying sized wallets and they are all available for delivery within a five-mile radius of the store. $54 will get you the “Defend” juice cleanse which consists of six bottles of juice to be consumed over one day. They describe it as a “counterattack” against the common cold. The “Decrease” cleanse for $162 promises to flush out your body with 18 bottles of juice over a three day period. And for the most committed cleansers, try the five-day “Detox Cleanse Package” for $270. 3145 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles; (323) 644-0250; thejuicela.com.

Believe it or not, cleansing doesn’t have to mean starving yourself. At least according to Beaming, the Brentwood outpost of the San Diego area original, founded by Lisa Odenweller. Beaming’s philosophy is the most logical of all: cleanses should be long-term, sustainable experiences that should transition into a lifestyle. To achieve this they include “gourmet super-foods” alongside the juices and smoothies in their detox packages. A variety of one to 21-day packages are available for pickup at the Brentwood location. Choose between lifestyle, weight loss or performance-enhancing options. 131 South Barrington Ave., Brentwood; (310) 299-7538; to order, click here.

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Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery
Pressed Juicery offers everything from almond milk for beginners to super low-calorie detoxes for the most experienced. All three types are made of raw, cold-pressed, farm-fresh, unpasteurized produce and are available as one, three or five-day cleanses. Pressed has locations all over the city, but there’s no need to drive anywhere because their cleanses are available for delivery via their website. Multiple locations; pressedjuicery.com.

Kreation Juice is another cold-pressed juice shop which prides itself on local organic produce. In this case, all of the fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. It offers four types of cleanses, for beginners to the most ambitious. All are available for three, five or seven days. Kreation has shop locations throughout the city as well as a juice truck. But if you order a cleanse near any of their stores, their juice cars and even a juice bike will deliver juice right to your home or office. Multiple locations; kreationjuice.com.

Sustain Juicery
Sustain Juicery in downtown L.A. won’t deliver. But order ahead and they’ll prepare your cleanse for pickup. Sustain offers one simple cleansing option which consists of six juices per day. They promise to rid your body of stored toxins, replace missing ingredients and “make your body and soul feel right.” 548 S. Spring Street #114, Los Angeles; (213) 488-1989; sustainjuicery.com.

Moon Juice, Silverlake.
Moon Juice, Silverlake.

Moon Juice
If all of the juice shops offering detoxes were in a competition for hippest location, Moon Juice would win. Its shops in Silverlake, Venice and the Ace Hotel downtown all offer organic cold pressed juice cleanses, or as they call it, “a holiday for the body.” However, if you were excited to visit their trendy locales, there’s no need to as they offer highly accommodating delivery. For freshness, your juices will be delivered every two days for one to 14-day cleanses. Moon Juice also points out that detoxing doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. Group cleanses are available for a discounted rate for those planning to have a juice feast with friends, family or colleagues. Multiple locations; moonjuiceshop.com.

Liquid Juice Bar 
Liquid Juice Bar in West Hollywood offers one, three and five-day detox packages. If you choose Liquid Juice Bar, expect to enjoy Yerba Mate tea for breakfast, down a “Life Force Super Shot” and sprinkle some chia seed fiber packs into the final day’s juice. They will deliver for a $10 surcharge within a five mile radius of the store. 8180 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 300-8070; liquidjuicebar.com.?

Real Raw Live
If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, try Real Raw Live in Hollywood. If you're not interested in their three-day juice fast or five-day juice and raw food fast, they will offer consultation and create a tailor-made cleanse for your individual health goals. Delivery is available through their website. 5913 West Franklin Ave., Hollywood; (323) 461.4545; realrawlive.com.

13 Places in L.A. to Get Your New Year's Resolution Juice Cleanse

Popular among celebrities, Paleta Mind/Body cleanses come with a lot more than juice. They provide everything you could possibly need to survive your detox: meals, shakes, snacks, a shaker bottle, a travel cooler and of course, instructions so you don’t get confused. They offer five, ten and 14-day cleanses and have locations all over the city including the Equinox Sports Club in West L.A. and The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. For delivery order online at paleta.com.

Nekter Juice Bar
If you're wary of the word "fasting," Nektar Juice Bar might be your best option. The juicing company feels that cleanses are not fasts, but rather a sort of vitamin-filled vacation for your digestive system. They offers one, two, three and five-day cleanses for beginning and advanced juice drinkers. Visit one of their various locations throughout the city or order online for delivery at nekterjuicebar.com.

Juice Served Here's monthly cleanse packs
Juice Served Here's monthly cleanse packs
Juice Served Here

Juice Served Here
Juice Served Here has five locations in Los Angeles. All locations in Venice, West Hollywood, Culver City, Malibu and Pasadena offer an inviting ambience with free wifi for juice drinking. But if you don't have time to hang, they will deliver three, five and seven day cleanses to your door daily. The Juice Served Here juice truck delivers between 5:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. or  9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Order online at juiceservedhere.com.

Juice Crafters
Like many of the other juice shops, Juice Crafters offers three, five and eight-day cleanses. However, their website allows you to search for the cleanse that is right you and your health goals. Anti-aging, immune-system strengthening, antioxidants and energy are all search options. There are locations all over Southern California including downtown L.A., Brentwood and Santa Monica. Order online for delivery at juicecrafters.com.

Super-hip and always raw, Clover has two locations in LA. Each adds bee-pollen to their smoothies and chia seeds to almost everything in addition to offering one type of cleanse for one, three or five days. Visit their locations at 342 South La Brea Avenue or South 8384 ½ West 3rd to pick up your detox package. Delivery available, cloverjuice.com.

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