10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants With Patios in L.A.

Dogs are beloved in Los Angeles, and more and more restaurants are making efforts to make them and their humans feel welcome at their establishments. Here are 10 of the best options for a day of session drinking and/or eating with your dog — some of them even provide treats.

Salazar's patio has been getting plenty of attention since the outdoor restaurant opened a few months ago. And rightfully so: The former auto repair shop has been converted into an expansive, comfortable space with umbrellas and a big pergola. There's a sort of second patio currently without chairs that's good for hanging out and sharing a cocktail with your dog, too.
2490 Fletcher Drive, Elysian Valley; salazarla.com.

Messhall Kitchen
There's a covered outdoor patio at Messhall, and it's usually full of a wide variety of Los Feliz species. Due to its location, it's a popular spot to get a bite and a drink after a hike in Griffith Park. Which may mean a cocktail and a burger, or it could mean some laps from a water bowl and a treat from the hostess stand.
4500 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Feliz; (323) 660-6377, messhallkitchen.com.

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“We look for restaurants that are dog-friendly with outdoor patios," says Popeye's owner, Ivy. Here he is at Fisherman's Outlet.
“We look for restaurants that are dog-friendly with outdoor patios," says Popeye's owner, Ivy. Here he is at Fisherman's Outlet.
Ivy Diep

Fisherman's Outlet
This is one of downtown's semi-secret treasures. Fisherman's Outlet is mostly a wholesale operation but it runs an order-at-the-counter restaurant in the front, where fried, grilled and steamed seafood can be ordered by the platter. Your dog might go nuts — if you give him a nibble of crustacean, make sure there's no shell on it!
529 S. Central Ave., downtown; (213) 627-7231, fishermansoutlet.net.

10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants With Patios in L.A.EXPAND
Katherine Spiers

Playa Provisions
This beachy little complex in Playa del Rey has four eateries in one building, with two dog-friendly patios. Humans get ice cream, pastries, sandwiches, seafood and cocktails. Doggos probably get some excellent scraps, to be washed down with water from one of the many bowls provided by the restaurant.
119 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey; (310) 683-5019, playaprovisions.com.

The Raymond & 1886
Servers bring bowls of water to canine guests à la minute, which is a very elegant touch at this upscale bar and restaurant. There are two dog-friendly patios here, which is great: Discerning dogs love options.
1250 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena; (626) 441-3136, theraymond.com.

The LincolnEXPAND
The Lincoln
Sunny Bak

The Lincoln
This is a bar with a mission. The Lincoln hosts rescue events from time to time, but even when the staff isn't actively working to get puppies into homes, they're happy to have canines sitting on the patio.
2536 Lincoln Blvd., Venice; (310) 822-1715, thelincolnvenice.com.

10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants With Patios in L.A.
Courtesy Doma Kitchen

Doma Kitchen
Marina del Rey has a bit of a '70s swinger's vibe to it, and Doma Kitchen is happy to be the location of your meet-cute — daily, weekly, however often you fall in love. A common accessory: a cute dog, the world's most perfect conversation starter.
4325 Glencoe Ave., Marina del Rey; (310) 301-0582, domakitchen.com.

10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants With Patios in L.A.EXPAND
Courtesy Ayara Luk

Ayara Luk
Dogs are welcome to sit at Ayara Luk's open-air patio — in fact, they'll even be treated to homemade snacks. This Thai pop-up restaurant is in the old Chalet Edelweiss restaurant, and currently is only planned for as long as the remodel on the permanent restaurant takes ... but who knows, if it builds up enough of a fan base (canine and human), maybe the owners will make it permanent.
8740 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Westchester; (310) 881-4498, ayaraluk.com.

Caitrin Walsh

Momed Atwater Village
The Atwater Village outpost of Momed, a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant, has a dog-friendly patio — and a mascot. Piper, pictured above, is the general manager's new puppy, and she comes to work with him now. That means it's always a puppy party at Momed.
3245 Casitas Ave., Atwater Village; (323) 522-3488, atmomed.com.

Plan CheckEXPAND
Plan Check

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar (Sawtelle and downtown)
Dogs are welcome on the outdoor patios of Plan Check's Sawtelle and downtown locations. The restaurant even offers free cheeseburger-flavored doggie treats, and will look the other way if you give your dog actual cheeseburgers.
Various locations; plancheck.com.


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