Resilience Amidst the Pandemic: How Author Susan Clawson Maximized Her Unexpected ‘Free’ Time

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The pandemic changed everyone’s lives, perhaps even forever. While some spent the isolated time fearfully worrying about what could be and missing what was, Susan Clawson maximized her days writing an epic five-book realistic-fiction, dystopian series called better lands. Books 1-3 are published with book 1 getting ready for film, while books 4 and 5 are in the works.

Although Susan Clawson loved writing for as long as she can remember and has already published two low-profile books, she couldn’t find enough time to make writing a priority until the pandemic. Over the last few decades or so, she married, had three children, and eventually became a single mom. Susan worked full-time outside of their home as she raised her young kids, then several years later reunited with her high school sweetheart, eventually marrying him. Between them, they have five grown kids and three grandchildren. Some of her favorite pastimes are traveling and exploring the outdoors. But when the pandemic took that away and placed so much time in her hands, she was able to freely unleash her passion for writing.

“Since I was a small child, I have always loved to write and have surprised myself with the creativity of my own thoughts. When the pandemic hit, I jumped at the opportunity to devote my ‘free’ time to write the ‘better lands’ book series, feeling it was a unique, timeless story that the world could relate to,” said the author. “As I read it over, I still shake my head and ask myself if I really wrote it, but truthfully, it took a village. It was the characters who brought it to life and used me as their vessel to do so. I let them take the lead as they embarked upon a 45-day tempestuous foot journey in search of better lands to survive in. It is truly realistic and all I can say is let’s all hope it remains fictional,” she added.

better lands has propelled Susan’s name into the creative world as one of today’s rising authors, leveraging the real-life tragedy that was bestowed upon everyone and bringing the fictional dystopian story to life. With resilience, Susan introduces the reader to hundreds of struggling survivors who were thrust into a worldly, life-changing, chaotic event that was filled with more vengeance than COVID-19, wiping out over two-thirds of the world’s breathing population and infrastructure.

The story tells the all too familiar dystopian tale of destruction and devastation caused by life-threatening environmental and unexplainable outbreaks, ones that have taunted us for centuries and will forever continue to rear their ugly heads. The series follows 16-year-old Rosa Wells as she leads pandemic survivors on a journey from Vermont to Kentucky searching for safer, virus-free lands to live in. The young protagonist and survivors encounter many challenges living among those they never would have befriended otherwise. They face hard decisions as many shades of human behavior ignite among them during the treacherous times.

The first book of the ‘better lands’ series – THE DISCOVERIES, is now up for a movie adaptation and will soon reach a broader audience across the globe to encounter the adventure-filled narrative. Susan couldn’t sum it up better as she stated, “Due to all that our world has been through and unforeseen events of the future, it certainly makes one think about what could happen if we were thrust into similar circumstances. In some small way, maybe the story will help us prepare and understand what to expect if the world does face such a crisis and realize that no matter how tough things get, or who we’re with, we need to be resilient.”

While she continues to finish the dystopian series, Susan works endlessly, marketing her books worldwide. She also recruits and trains representatives across the country for a financial firm. In her spare time, she also works on her two-collector dollhouses.

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