It is energy which runs any country, be it fossil fuel, electricity or any other form of energy. To fulfill the energy needs, many a times one country has to procure it from others. Relying on other countries for energy sources has numerous drawbacks of its own. As a general rule, a higher level of energy dependence is proportional to increased risk for a particular country. Today, many of the countries which have large economies are trying to build enough energy resources to make the country energy independent. Therefore, aiming to achieve energy independence is becoming a driving force for many people. In the wake of attaining energy independence, Republican candidate John Anthony Castro has been a strong supporter of investing in renewable sources of energy.

John Castro is a high-flier and is well known person for being a candidate for US senate. He is also the founding partner of Castro and Company, author of International Taxation in Plain English and  creator of AiTax software. After gaining considerable amount of experience from working at few big and small law firms, John Anthony put all his knowledge and experience to the best possible use by establishing his own law firm, Castro and Co. in October 2014. It is through his excellent entrepreneurial skills and consistent hard work that John Anthony managed to gain massive profits thereby allowing him to open offices in Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York.

After becoming successful in this venture and establishing a wide network of offices, John Castro decided to do something for the country. He realised the importance of being energy independent for a country to mitigate the risks which are involved in being dependent on other countries for the energy needs. He explored this area and researched the available solutions which any country could adopt to become energy independent. During his endeavour, he realised the importance of renewable resources as the never ending source of energy for a country to become energy independent.

After realising the potential of renewable energy resourses, he started urging the people around him to invest in renewable resources of energy because it has a plethora of benefits. The first and foremost being the fact that it will enable the country in becoming energy independent which will result in strengthening the country’s position and safeguard its sovereignty.  Other than this primary benefit, the use of renewable sources of energy will lead to safeguarding the environment in many ways. Using renewable sources of energy will lessen the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and it will help enhance the lives of many people by improving the quality of life.

By promoting the investment in the renewable sources of energy John Antony Castro is not only helping the people of the country to live in a much cleaner and healthier environment but also helping the country to become energy independent which will help the country to reduce its reliance on imports to meet its energy needs.

LA Weekly