Renzie Richardson Helping Clients Find Themselves and Their Way

The founder and CEO of the BHFL Group, Renzie ‘Coach Re’ Richardson has a track record of coaching entrepreneurs along the right path for more than 20 years, while positively impacting well over 500 individuals and organizations.

Coach Re has recently pivoted to more of a one-on-one consulting and coaching approach for clients. Additionally, she has also introduced a new 12-step signature coaching program, Mind Your Business Now!, which combines her years of experience and helping business leaders.

Her main focus with the new program is to provide no-nonsense coaching to help light a fire in entrepreneurs to ultimately reach the level of C-suite leadership. Her goal lies in helping them attack their current state of minds, and status of their companies, and become leaders, both personally and professionally, to find success across the board.

“Your business is you, and you are your business. How do the two link together? If you are dysfunctional in your personal life, your business is going to be dysfunctional,” she said. “A lot of small businesses are great at what they do, but they lack a foundation in leadership, and that can make or break their venture.”

Mind Your Business Now!

Let’s face it. Launching a business from the ground up is difficult. Richardson encourages interested parties to take the free assessment online, or call, and then invites them to potentially grow their businesses to 7-8 figures. The goal of the company is to ‘reignite their passion and fully utilize their strengths to scale and achieve target revenue goals’.

Richardson and her team of experts help struggling and budding entrepreneurs, alike, position themselves to target any fatal flaws in their infrastructure, improve employee morale and get everyone on the same page with the same vision.

“From starting an entrepreneur journey to shifting into being the CEO of an enterprise — knowing how to grow and scale a business — there’s a huge void in that space,” Richardson said. “That void is the space that I’m in. I help people understand how to go from working a gig to being a real CEO.”

In desiring to helping sustain small businesses, Richardson and Co., also have the passion for supporting the economics, infrastructure and communities for creating jobs and changing policies that may affect both women and minorities as well.

“I love what I do. It’s my passion. At the end of the day, for me, it’s about creating jobs and sustaining a community ecosystem. I love helping minorities and women. When you create jobs, you have a seat at the table to invoke change and a ripple effect of  good outcomes. All businesses are not cookie-cutter, and people’s wirings are never the same. I tap into understanding human behavior and use that leverage to tap into their strengths,” she said. “I look for a baseline when I coach to understand how each individual is wired. Some people are very logical, but some are very heart-centered, so I have to understand which approach to take.”

About Renzie Richardson

Renzie Richardson is the Founder and CEO of the BHFL Group and the new 12-Step Signature Coaching Program. She has helped over 500 clients bridge the void from startup entrepreneur to CEO. Click here to learn more about her signature offer:

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