Mommy Diary, one of the most renowned parenting blogs, has now helped many parents around the world. It was created by Angela Kim after experiencing the struggles of being a mother and falling victim to postpartum depression. She depended on parenting blogs for support and inspiration to help her get through the tough time in her life as a parent. After she recovered, she made it her mission to help those in situations similar to hers.

Besides the Mommy Diary blog, Angela’s reputation as a parenting influencer can also be credited to her strong presence online including Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. She uses various platforms to share her story and inspire as many people as possible. Other than talking about motherhood, Angela also gives lifestyle tips, travel ideas, and other family-related advice.

One of the lessons that Angela wants to share with her community is that parenthood isn’t supposed to be without flaws. This means that stressing yourself to be a perfect mother is pointless. Therefore, you have to learn how to embrace even the ugly sides of being a parent and understand the struggles that come with it.

Angela was once fixated on being a perfect mother that she ended up ignoring her mental health. At first, it was a noble thought as she only wanted to be the ideal parent she saw on TV. However, it became destructive as time went by. Even when she experienced firsthand that being a mother wasn’t as easy as the media portrayed, she still didn’t stop striving for perfection.

It led her to think that she shouldn’t show others that she was having a hard time taking care of her kids. Otherwise, she would come out as someone who was not doing a good job as a mother. Angela realized that she had to let go of the ideals and accept that parenting is not easy and nobody is perfect. He shares her experience on her blog and gives advice to new parents based on her experiences as a mother and parent.

While you can be open about your struggles as a parent, you shouldn’t belittle yourself for having struggles. Angela shares on her blogs that you can be humble and at the same time still proud of what you do. Mothers should show everyone that they’re doing their best as a parent and are enjoying the journey of taking care of their children.

Angela shares the message that you can always learn how to be better at parenting. You can’t expect yourself to know everything there is to learn about being a mother from the beginning. But you can slowly make progress. This is precisely what Mommy Diary is all about. The blog aims to guide moms and provide them with the inspiration and empowerment that they always wanted in their journey.

Over the years, Angela J. Kim has worked with notable lifestyle brands such as Disney, Samsung, Starbucks, Target, H&M, Popsugar and Amazon among many others. With her beautiful photography, creative videos and professional writing skills, she continues to garner attention from brands and followers from around the world.

While it’s the parent’s role and responsibility to give their best when it comes to raising children, it doesn’t mean that they should neglect themselves in the process. Angela experienced the consequences of being too caught up in the perfect image of a mother. For that reason, she wants to help other mothers not go through the same struggles she went through. Instead, she wants them to choose a path that works the best for them and their families.

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