Renowned Himalayan Yogi and Entrepreneur Is On A Mission To Spread The Message Of Love, Positivity, And Abundance – Q & A

Despite obvious success in the financial industry, a lack of abundance and direction was stifling the mindset of the man who would go on to become Himalayan Yogi, Master Sri Akarshana. A volunteer trip to Kenya in 2011 would help him find the true meaning of his purpose: helping those who most need it. To fulfill this goal, he established the I AM Creator foundation, which helps to create sustainable change for the global underprivileged, especially in poverty-stricken countries – such as Kenya.

I caught up with Master Sri to find out what propelled him to volunteer, and why he decided to make it a long-term project.

Sarshar: “What was the reason you went to Kenya in the first place?”

Master Sri: “I was 24 – and even though I was succeeding in the business field, I felt there was something lacking in my life. Something important. Money couldn’t make me happy, and I started feeling a very deep depression. A friend reached out to me to volunteer in Africa, and I jumped at the chance.”


Sarshar: “Talk us through the transitional period caring for the orphans in the short term – to creating long-lasting sustainable resources.”

Master Sri: “I was in Kenya for one month the first time I went there. I soon realized that buying food and clothes, and creating shelter for the orphans wasn’t enough. We needed to devise a sustainable method and the only way through that is with education. Our School of Learning not only educates the next generation but also teaches us to learn happiness from the kids.”


Sarshar: “What do you attribute as the long-term success for I AM CREATOR?”

Master Sri: “A scholarly education can only go so far; the students still need to find a way to pay for college, and their lifestyles. So we invested in two acres of land near the orphanage and taught the students how to grow crops to then sell them at the local marketplace. This way they’re learning how to engage in social entrepreneurship.

The only way to end poverty is to teach them how to make money themselves. The two secrets to sustainable change are Education and Entrepreneurship. In order to make global money worth a higher value, the students pay it forward, therefore creating a legacy of helping their community”

Sarshar: “How long do you go out to Kenya each year? And how do you navigate through avoiding corruption in the Kenyan system?”

Master Sri: “We (myself and I AM CREATOR team) go there for 10 days each year – and in that time we learn a lot about giving. Giving back and contributing is one of the highest needs for people. By giving we are fulfilling a higher purpose. With regards to the logistics behind safety protocols; we can’t avoid the system, so we worked alongside the government.”


Sarshar: “What was the spiritual process of being anointed a Master by the disciple of Grandmaster Akshar, in 2019?”

Master Sri: “At first, very physically challenging – there were intense yoga practices and very long hours of meditation. It was mentally consuming, but as we delved deeper into the dimensions and the third eye, it gave everything I was doing meaning. Also, I really resonated with the element of mysticism I found in the Himalayas. It gave me a big sense of purpose and understanding the direction my life is supposed to go in.”


Sarshar: “What specifically spoke to you in the Himalayas?”

Master Sri: “Taking the ancient art of intuition or unconsciousness was a big awakening moment to connect to higher divine source energies as it allowed me to foresee what was happening on the planet – (before 2020 and Pandemia). The reason behind the chaos led me to a belief that – in order to evolve humanity, there needed first to be a new world order.

I took that knowledge and knew what I needed to do to bring communities together – to awaken them – to equip them with tools to get through the Pandemic. And with that awakening, to build leaders to continue paying forward and ultimately, save humanity.”


Master Sri Akarshana imagines a world where you can live the life you want. To join in with his journey, visit

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