Reno Davis – Secret of Success Is Always Doing Whatever It Takes

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While some people settle for less, and some always want more, chasing success and making dreams come true is what makes the world go around. Without visions of a better future, the world as we know it today probably wouldn’t exist — there’d be no modern technology, no comfortable homes, and no opportunities for a better life.

As Reno Davis points out, some of the bravest people, who push the boundaries of the impossible, are entrepreneurs. Being a successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul himself, Reno Davis knows what it takes to become one. “While the definition of success isn’t the same for all people, it takes bravery to start chasing your dreams no matter how big or small they are,” says Davis. “It takes a lot of hard work and persistence, but in the end, every sleepless night pays off tenfold.”

At twenty, Davis quit his landscaping job to pursue a better life and explore his options. He knew he could be doing something more significant with his life than landscaping. He explains that he started with landscaping but ultimately wanted to work for himself. “I was working in a landscaping company, but I knew that my talents were going to waste there,” Reno Davis says. “I wanted to be my own boss, and I decided to enter the real estate market as a means to that end.”

But that’s when Davis hit the very first obstacle. Being successful in real estate isn’t easy, especially when there is a lot of competition involved, and it seemed that real estate was what everyone had been doing down in Miami. But Reno Davis knew he had what it took. He gambled everything. He knew he had to do whatever it took to succeed, so he started to put in extra hours.

“The competition here in South Florida is fierce. To set myself apart from the crowd, I needed to put in more work than others,” he says. “So, I started to put in extra time and effort in building my network, started to pay closer attention to the detail when it came to customers and worked when most other were sleeping.”

The hard work paid off. Reno Davis built an impressive portfolio with a team of employees who now have his back. Davis closed over 30 wholesale deals this past year, averaging three wholesale deals a month. Even with his dream of success now a reality, Reno Davis has no intention of slowing down.

“Being able to be self-dependent is everything and not having to rely on anyone is all I ever wanted to achieve,” says Reno Davis. “It’s a blessing, and I’m grateful for my life’s direction. Real estate isn’t an easy industry to be in, especially here in South Florida. But I’m a hustler, and I can handle it. I’m a go-getter, and once I get my eyes on something, I’ll run through a brick wall to get it. If you’re not prepared to do whatever it takes, you’ll never succeed in turning your dreams into a reality!”

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