Remote Sales That Scale: How Cole Gordon and are Leading the Industry in Building Professional, Successful and Profitable Sales Teams for Clients

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Building a dedicated, reliable and successful team of sales representatives can be a tough task. That’s why Cole Gordon created, to help clients build and scale high-performing sales teams. The company does not assist in outsourcing, but instead helps clients build their own internal sales team.

“We help clients build a remote sales team that basically runs on autopilot,” said Gordon. vets, recruits and trains top-tier sales representatives to shine in their positions. This includes working with existing sales teams as well as their own pipeline of 13,000+ sales professionals. Once pipeline recruits have proven they can perform, clients then hire them to support continued growth of revenue and profits.

Meanwhile, the company’s sales training accelerator helps reps perform better, eliminates inconsistencies, and closes more deals, leading to more profit for the client.

The process of training sales reps and connecting them with sales teams looking to hire is what Gordon does best, after generating as much as $400K a month in his own selling career. Now, he teaches clients and reps how to do the same.

The Personality

Gordon is the go-to industry thought leader when it comes to successfully creating, building and scaling top-tier sales representatives and teams.

His success has seen him attract an extensive social media following of over 600,000+, including 500K alone on Instagram and 12K on YouTube.

To put it frankly, he’s good at what he does.

He launched because, as a high-performing sales rep and having built a dedicated following on social media, he knew he could do for others what he did for himself.

“The easiest way to encapsulate why we started the company is because, as a high-performing sales rep, myself, I was always asked where companies can find good sales reps,” Gordon said. “Good sales people know other good sales people. That’s a fact. That is also the key to recruiting good sales people too. You leverage them, their network and find referrals.”

Good sales people can be educated in becoming high-performing reps too, which is why offers an exclusive accelerator program to its clients. Sales Team Accelerator™

Along with Gordon, the trainers at maintain one of, if not the, greatest sales educational programs in the industry with the Sales Team Accelerator™.

The accelerator course was built to help coaches, consultants, service providers and sales professionals reach top-tier levels in professionalism and performance. The company uses its combined expertise to help clients build a team of setters and closers trained in Gordon’s unique, ethical selling methodology.

When professionals complete the accelerator, they ultimately become consistent, predictable and successful. recruits top-tier talent and teaches them to develop valuable skills and techniques in leadership-driven sales. The end result for most clients is closing at least one ‘lost’ deal per week, often within the first 30-60 days.

The program stands on four pillars of education, the ‘assets and economics’, ‘recruiting and hiring’, ‘accelerated training’, and ‘systems and management’.

Gordon and Co. have found most businesses make the mistake of trying to build a sales team with no foundation in place. The two keys to building a strong foundation are assets, or a validated offer and repeatable sales process, and economics, a scalable comp structure. Both of these in place is what attracts top-tier sales talent to their companies.

To avoid high turnover rate, Gordon and Co. suggest hiring from a place of abundance. This is why the company builds sales teams by vetting and topgrading recruits for clients before they are interviewed. This method helps build a robust pipeline of candidates.

The amount of time it takes for a closer to go from zero to meeting key performance indicators (KPI) is known as ‘ramp time’. This trial period usually takes 50-100+ calls and costs the business owner thousands of dollars in opportunity, without knowing whether the sales rep will ultimately reach the target. By comparison, has found they can shorten this ‘ramp up’ process by as much as 50%, simply by implementing Gordon’s methods that led him to producing $400K per month in sales, and empower the business owner to collect more profit from every new hire.

When sales reps finally get off the phones and are ready to implement systems and management is when has done its job. The final step in the four pillars of education provided to clients helps professionals make data-driven and smart decisions, create a culture that sales reps want to be a part of and eventually scale their businesses to as high as a possible 7-8 figures.

“We do not outsource talent, but rather help companies build internal sales teams that essentially run themselves,” stated Gordon. “Let’s face it, the last thing any entrepreneur wants is for an outsourced sales team to leave the company. That’s why we recruit, hire and train Top 1% sales reps instead.”

About Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon is the CEO of, the leading sales and marketing education and training company that fulfills companies’ needs for talented sales teams. Gordon is an 8-figure entrepreneur, investor, and sales trainer who has sold over $10 million worth of online coaching, consulting, and agency services. For more information about Gordon, please visit and for more about, visit

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