Rejected Disney Princesses Celebrates Badass Women Who Changed the World

Annie Jump Cannon (1863—1941Member of the Harvard Computers. Catalogued 350Member of the Harvard Computers. Catalogued 350Burkina Faso / Ghana) "The Warrior Who Just Wanted to Have Kids."Osh-Tisch (late 1800s—early 1900sHealer. Warrior. Bridge between worlds. The Crow Nation’s greatest Two-Spirit.; Credit: Jason PorathWilma Rudolph (1940-1994Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994China)

000 men.; Credit: Jason PorathAndamana (C. 14th CenturyAndamana (C. 14th CenturyEgypt)


Bolivia) "The Valiant Ladies of Potosi."Hypatia (350~370—415Mathematician (the first female one!). Astronomer. Philosopher. Martyr.; Credit: Jason PorathIara (Brazilian Legend)

Iara (Brazilian Legend)

Philippines) "The Leper Spy of the Phiippines."

For those who think Disney severely lacks empowering female characters, Jason Porath's new book, Rejected Disney Princesses, showcases anything but sleeping beauties. Porath is an animator for DreamWorks who first launched his illustration project as blog, telling the stories of more than 100 badass women from throughout history. From Austrian body builders and French sword swingers, to Native American warriors and Russian tank drivers, discover these incredible women, whose lives are far more interesting than your typical cartoon characters.  

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