Rehat Kathuria combines his two passions to revolutionize the photography community.

The photography community around the world has always been deeply connected. They share their passion and creativity and are always ready to learn a new technique or experiment with it. They share the knowledge, insights, and experience that they gathered and inspire each other to do the impossible and make it possible.

Many are thriving to revolutionize the way photography is pursued and presented. They have come a long way in their research and improvements in photography. Analog photography has been questioned by many, as the film and processing costs have prohibited this from being the mainstream practice. However, the passion and dedication of these practitioners are strong enough to bring back this art into their lives.

Eff is a start-up launched by Rehat Kathuria to bring back analog photography to the digital age. This company is a way for Rehat to bring his passion for photography to light. Eff is aimed towards making analog photography the mainstream practice, where it was once upon a time. With software known as Emulsion, Rehat combines his two passions, photography, and software. His goal is to bring the best analog photography experience to everyone, including customization of quality, elegance, mood, and flare. Eff will give the user complete control over their images in the digital age.

Rehat Kathuria has always been passionate about photography ever since his childhood days. The most exciting part was that he began to use a darkroom to experiment with advanced techniques and explore new ways of making photographic art. He employs the power of machine learning, polynomial curve transformations, and custom film stock rendering profiles to bring lab-quality results to the everyday user.

While the traditional way is expensive and bulky, Emulsion can cut costs and enable control over images. Digital photography has captured the world’s imagination, and it is a part of everyone’s lives now. Eff will bring back analog photography in a new and better way for everyone.

His passion for photography stems from his early childhood. As a young boy, he was fascinated that photographs could be produced in such a small format and yet preserve the beauty of one’s memory. His English teacher gifted him the first camera, a Pratica MTL 5. He was fascinated by the machine, and he just kept shooting with it. Post this, he never looked back and started exploring ways to better his art and techniques, including advanced techniques which encompassed him in the world of darkrooms.

With the idea of reinstating analog photography in mind, Eff is a startup launched to bring back analog photography to the photography community. Rehat Kathuria aspires to raise this start-up to make a better world for everyone, where the user controls the images. It will find the best way to show one’s pictures and the best way to make a living from them.

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