Regina Ferguson’s “Canyon Town”, a New Single With a Classic Sound

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Photo Credit: Raleigh Gambino

There is something special about old-school music that connects with people better than contemporary music. It is the nostalgia of the old sound and the upbeat story-telling style that no music lover can resist. Artist and musician, Regina Ferguson, is reintroducing old-school vibes in her music through analog recordings. Yes, you read that right. Even in this digital age where musicians are seeking the best digital sound systems and technologies to fine-tune their music, Regina Ferguson prefers to be raw and authentic. This has set her apart from others in this space.

Regina Ferguson is an up-and-coming musician based in California. Recording analog and shooting on a film has been her unique choice as an artist to bring back the sounds of the bygone era. Her new single, “Canyon Town”, showcases her craft at its best. Regina found her passion for folk-rock, which is evident from her music. She magically blends rock and roll with western music to create a distinct and original sound. “Canyon Town” has the feel of country rock with subtle notes of contemporary sound that remind the listeners of the timeless music of the 60s and 70s.

Soon after the release of “Canyon Town,” Regina will drop the follow-up music video of the song on February 24, 2023. This follow-up video will help keep the tempo going among listeners who love the vibe of classic rock. Regina plans to bring something fresh and unique with every song to carve a niche in the industry. It seems like she has a long list of releases this year, which also includes her debut album, Fortune. The album is likely to be released in the summer of 2023. Fortune was recorded entirely on a Studer 24-track tape machine, following the analog format even in the mixing process. The intention is to preserve the old-school vibe of country rock missing in contemporary music.

Her song and album were produced by Matt Linesch and was recorded at his studio, Infinitespin Studio, in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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Photo Credit: Raleigh Gambino

Regina dared to be old-school in an industry thriving on new trends and using the latest technology to deliver the best sounds. Her concept of music is different from her contemporaries, which is where Regina stands out. Moving to Los Angeles for a love of southern California culture, her journey into the music industry was challenging. Regina quit her successful career as a cover singer to become a recording artist in Los Angeles. There were times when she felt nothing aligned in her life, but she persisted. Regina was always confident in her talent and took the leap of faith to have the life and career she always dreamed of.

As an artist, Regina seeks inspiration from the diverse culture of music that Los Angeles basks in. Now she wants to inspire others with her music. Regina has just started her journey into music, but she has already worked with top artists like Sheryl Crow and performed at the Envision Music Festival in Costa Rica. She is excited to perform at her upcoming show at Desert 5 Spot in Los Angeles. Regina is all geared up to enthrall the audience with her band on February 16 at 9 pm. Sought-after artist, Tristan Lake Leabu, will be the opening performer at the event.

Regina wants to take her career to the next level as a touring recording artist entertaining people at The Grand Ol’Opry. She also dreams of working with famous producers like Dave Cobb, Shooter Jennings, and Jonathan Wilson and being featured on Austin City Limits.

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