Sadists, Cynics and Critics

Regarding the cover story on filmmaker Michael Haneke [“He’ll Be Your Mirror,” March 14–20]: No, Mr. Haneke, this movie is not about us. It is entirely about you and revisiting your sadistic proclivities. Share all you want, but don’t try to implicate anyone else.

Chris BlankenhornPasadena

What’s up with the jaded, cynical movie critics at your newspaper? First, I see the film Il Postino referred to as “that Oscar-nominated trifle of tourist porn” in the review of Flawless by Scott Foundas, and then the film Across the Universe is described as “execrable” in Robert Wilonsky’s review of 21 [both in the March 28–April 3 issue]. I respect other people’s opinions, but those movies were both very beautiful, uplifting films, and they deserve more than dismissive statements like that. Maybe your movie critics need a hug — or at least something to make them embrace films that help to celebrate beauty, especially during cynical, negative times.

Ian RosenLos Angeles


Just Another Kool-Aid Drinker

Regarding Marc Cooper’s Dissonance column on Obama [“The O-Boomers,” March 21–27]: Cool — Kool-Aid that convinces you that you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid. Yes, Obama’s commentary on race in America was breathtakingly bold and eloquent and true. And we all ache for some brains and wit in the White House after 28 years of being talked down to. But later in Obama’s speech is the apparently obligatory nod to Israel to continue the relentless grinding down of the Palestinian people. And hope ends there. No end to the global terror war, no peace and prosperity in our time. Just pretty words. The old lefties are handing out awards to Obama and getting nothing in return. Only Ralph Nader seems to have avoided the punch bowl, and he’s being vilified for it. Obama will tilt as far rightward as he feels he has to in the general-election campaign. Obama’s policies are window dressing for the coming storms. Kool-Aid has a weird, artificial taste. Where’s my bong?

Posted on March 20 by Angry Hippie


Separation Anxiety

Regarding Sascha Rothchild’s “How to Get Divorced by 30” [March 28–April 3]: I have to say I’m not so sympathetic to a “writer/waitress” who looks down on actor-hyphenates. It smacks of self-absorption and a critical lack of self-awareness, which is a pretty dangerous combination (but a common one in L.A., it seems). Ideally, you pick someone who “does it” for you (and I don’t mean “takes out the trash”). Courtship is a great time to get to know the person you want to marry. Don’t take it for granted!

Posted on March 27 by Holly Won’t


Anyone who has graduated from the self-absorbed 20s can grasp the humor in this article — and what 20-something isn’t self-absorbed? That’s why we all divorce our warm-up husbands. I just beat my dead horse for the full five years. Your second husband will be a gem. Keep writing — I like your style.

Posted on March 27 by Ileane from Iowa


This is really the lamest story ever … divorced at 30? Did it really take you fools that long to realize that you are really OK being single in the big bad scary world? Give me a break. Divorced at 25, the guy’s my best friend at 30 and I have a lover. How bourgeois your story sounds by comparison.

Posted on March 30 by Jana


Thank you for a beautiful, poignant story. I keep turning over in my head that blustery December afternoon 24 years ago when my wife sat me down and told me (her starter husband) that she was leaving. I’ve never understood what brought her to that point less than two years after our wedding. Your keen observations provide welcome insight.

Posted on March 30 by Anon


Give me a break. Maybe people should just not get married until they are 30. Or at least until they are mature enough to realize that they should not take marriage so lightly. And no, garbage is not a man’s job. Although this article kind of belongs there.

Posted on March 31 by Leslie


(1) Does anyone who posted such harsh criticisms understand the word irony? (2) I had a similar relationship that ended six months before I turned 30, and I was also the one who left. Although we didn''t marry, I would still consider it a starter marriage since we were together almost a decade. You know what? Inertia is a bitch.

Posted on April 1 by Sisenorita


Fish Dish

Regarding Patrick Range McDonald''s “Skid Row Mirage” [March 21–27]:My confidence in the Weekly had been weakening lately, so I''m glad to see stuff like this back in the paper. And Mr. Fish’s illustrations were great as always.

Posted on March 22 by Evan

Fish is God.

John H. HopkinsSouthampton, N.Y.



In an article on the Getty’s “California Video” show [?“Playing With the Camera,” March 14–20], the name of one of the artworks was listed incorrectly. The correct title is The Eternal Frame.

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