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When was the last time you checked the content you have for the different stages of your funnel? If you’re not even sure where to start, then you’re potentially losing out on a lot of sales. Funnel strategist, CEO & co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, Reeve Yew, recommends evaluating content for each stage as this can help you increase conversions and even generate more repeat customers.

By now, you’ve probably heard a ton of marketers rave about content marketing. According to Reeve, however, content is only useful when it moves prospects from the awareness stage to the purchase stage. He further notes that scope shouldn’t be limited to blog posts and videos. There are other ways to entice prospective customers to buy your products, depending on where they’re at in your funnel.


  • Spark Interest


Your audience at the top of the funnel is at the point where they consider buying your product. They may find your content as they do their research or stumble upon your ad on social media.

Reeve has used social media ads extensively for traffic generation. He says that at this stage, prospects are looking for answers to their questions. They need something that solves their problem, which is why your content must provide these answers or solutions to satisfy their needs.

You have plenty of options to find people who may be interested in your offering. The list includes organic search results, social media, and external publications. Reeve also recommends doing your research and looking for the most commonly asked questions by users in your niche.


  • Nurture Leads


Once you grab the attention of prospects with informative content, it’s time to nurture them and turn them into quality leads. You can’t expect someone to land on your site and make a purchase right away. This applies in particular to smaller brands who may be competing against other well-established names in the industry.

Reeve’s approach here is to convince site visitors to trust your brand. Even if you’ve created high-quality content that hooked them in the first place, they still need to learn more about your company and why they should choose you. What kind of content can help you with this?

Reeve suggests boosting your content marketing efforts by including positive user reviews, social proofs, testimonials, case studies, industry awards, and even user-generated content. You might also want to have demos, how-to videos, or tutorials to help customers visualize your products or services.


  • Closing the Sale


Your content should typically consist of sales copy at the bottom of the funnel, targeting terms that exhibit a high shopping intent. This simply means that the keywords used by your audience show that they’re done with the research phase and now ready to make a purchase.

For Reeve, some of the content types include limited-time offers, seasonal discounts, and other money-saving promotions. He also recommends linking top-level content to guide users who may have entered your site from the bottom of the funnel first instead of the top. This is an effective strategy that can help you retarget potential leads. 

Lastly, Reeve highlights the importance of including powerful and emotional CTAs to ensure that ready-to-buy customers know precisely what to do to finish the buying process.


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