Michael Brian has achieved his dreams of becoming a musician, major record executive, and executive producer for a number of music artists. He attributes his success, which began with his first record label deal at 15, to embodying and spreading the Aloha spirit.

“Spead Aloha. Live and lead with Aloha.” This is Michael’s message to others who want to live a fulfilling and successful life. This Hawaiian word means “love and friendship” and is a mantra for life. Embodying these qualities has led to not only him, but those around him succeeding. He was fortunate to spend a lot of time in Hawaii, which is where he learned about Aloha culture. His life’s mantra is spreading Aloha, living authentically, and having elevating friendships. Given how beneficial it was for him, Michael recommends everyone integrate this Hawaiian way of life into everything they do.

According to Michael, the best way to find Aloha within yourself is to begin doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Start crafting a plan for doing something for yourself in the future. What Michael finds works for him is going out in nature, be it to the beach, deep into the forest, or somewhere else. This helps you gain mental clarity. From there, you can more easily envision what you want.

Far more than a greeting, Aloha is a state of mind and a way of being. You can embody it and find peace within yourself. Michael also suggests doing some self-reflection. What makes you happy? Being happy begins with doing something that makes you happy, no matter how small it is. This could be playing music, eating food that reminds you of home, or something else.

Thanks to Michael living the Aloha way, he has had numerous successes throughout his music career. He has enjoyed having huge records, partnering with a parent company that does everything for artists like Gunna, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne, and a great deal with a label on a retainer all year long. These successes, and more, come from Michael embodying Aloha in his daily life.

Collaboration is everything for him. Being able to work and connect with others on a level outside of business, while still conducting business, has been the key to success. When he collaborates, he makes sure that he spread Aloha. Combining hospitality with collaboration leads to Michael being a pro at making people feel at home and feel at ease. At his music compound, for instance, he has created an environment where the recording studio is a place that some of the biggest artists in the world can feel at home.

“When I wake up tomorrow morning, let me be a better person so I can help everyone else around me become better.” This is Michael’s daily mantra that helps him start every day off right. The Aloha way of life hasn’t steered him wrong yet, which is why he encourages others to try it out for themselves.

You can follow Michael Brian on Instagram @michaelbrian.



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