Recognized Car Show Host Lecha Khouri Adds New Car Beauties To His Collection

Lecha Khouri is a car enthusiast and car collector from Australia who has made his name as one of the most loved car show hosts of all time. He is the founder and host of Supercar Advocates, a car show that revolves around adventure, thrill and excitement of buying and driving some of the world’s most popular and expensive cars. In Supercar Advocates, Lecha Khouri and his crew go to beautiful locations and share with the audience a journey of discovering numerous cars, supercars and hypercars.

Having filmed in the United States of America and made several episodes around the city of Los Angeles earlier, Lecha Khouri is all set to come back to the USA to shoot new episodes on a filming contract as soon as travel restrictions related to COVID-19 are eased.

Popularly known as Lee by his fans, Lecha Khouri says that he has been a car lover for as long as he can remember. At 21 years of age, he worked extremely hard to get a pre-owned Ferrari. Since then, he started collecting cars.

Today, Lee has a total of 54 high end special cars. His exotic car collection consists of both modern and restored classics. He has to himself cars of the likes of the marque Ferrari, a couple of Porsche 911’s, Lamborghini, Bentley, a single Maserati and the Ferrari F40. Lecha Khouri has also recently added hypercars like the 2x LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren Senna XP to his ever growing stable. Lee is famous for having revolutionized and adding value to the car collection scene of Australia.

Apart from being a popular car show host and avid car lover and collector, Lecha Khouri is the CEO of the Fenlan Group. It is a privately owned company that deals in the fields of investment, real estate and property development. Lecha is responsible for furthering the company towards better directions.

Talking about his life in general and what keeps him going, Lecha Khouri said, “I strongly believe that approaching life with a positive attitude is the way to go forward. I try to ensure that my work and life is perfectly balanced and in alignment with my overall goals. I enjoy hosting and filming for Supercar Advocates and even though it is work, I’m lucky enough to call it my passion. For Fenlan Group, I take a very disciplined perspective.”

With more than 500,000 followers across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Lecha Khouri continues to rise as one of most loved car collectors and hosts in the world.

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