Rebecca Mardikes: Social Media’s New Rising Fashion Star

Let’s be honest, in the new digital age, many of our current fashion trends and inspirations now come from social media. Today’s main question for style subscribers, who are the fashion influencers to follow?

Our pick is Rebecca Mardikes, she has proven herself in 2020 to become social media’s new fashion star. The midwest beauty left her Kansas hometown to chase her dreams in New York City. She has now accomplished a Master’s in Journalism, a successful modeling career, prestigious fashion and beauty brand partnerships, gained over 150K+ social media followers in the past year, and has secured publicist placements with every Condé Nast and Hearst publication.

What are the reasons to follow Rebecca Mardikes? She uses her social media platform to show her personality, creates fan favorite moodboards to share fashion and beauty trends, captures dining and travel experiences, and uses her page to document her modeling jobs. In regards to taste, her style can be described as current trends mixed with timeless classics to create perfectly modern yet sophisticated looks.

Rebecca has proven herself to be a multipurpose influencer that brings a feel-good warmth to her followers. She adores that social media now allows the ability to create your own career in the fashion industry. Rebecca’s long term goals with social media are to eventually start a business that allows her to mix her journalism skills along with her vast work experience in the fashion industry. We’re excited to see where this leads her in the industry.

To learn more about Rebecca Mardikes and her work, please visit her Instagram page @rebeccamardikes.

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