The CBD industry is one of the most dynamic sectors coming up with innovations for health and wellness these days. At Real Tested CBD, our motto is to bring our readers the most exciting and groundbreaking CBD products available in the market.

The demand for CBD-based brands and products is growing amongst consumers. The reason is the newfound awareness of the wellbeing associated with CBD. Our team picks up the best most trusted brands in the CBD arena and put them under a microscope for meticulous testing.

The aim is to check the authenticity of the ingredients and quality claimed at the brand’s label on the product. Our test also looks into the health and safety aspect to check whether the brand avoids using harmful chemicals, pesticides, and industrial solvents at any stage of manufacturing.

The CBD brand we are going to review today is known as “Tribe.” Tribe CBD claims they get their hemp from cannabis strains with maximum CBD, range of flavonoids, high terpenes, and phytocannabinoids – thanks to advanced genetics technology.

We tested a few CBD products produced by Tribe CBD, and here is a full review of what we found in each of these products.

Tribe Cbd Hemp Cbd Energy Shot

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These CBD-based Hemp energy Shots by Tribe come in mixed berry flavor. The product claims to have zero calories and is also THC-free. Additionally, the company claims using broad-spectrum hemp plants that are homegrown in the United States.

Our CBD review experts gave these hemp CBD energy shots an acceptable rating. The product is unique and an innovative idea to deliver instant CBD benefits to the user’s body. However, our lab results show the actual CBD quantity in the energy shots is 8 mg less than the label’s claim.

Therefore, the actual CBD within these shots is 11.27 mg per bottle. Plus, you will also get to experience the benefits of other useful cannabinoids such as CBN and CBC at 0.07 mg and 0.17 mg, respectively. However, there is no CBN present in this product.

We did not find any traces of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or solvents in our lab test results.

Tribe Cbd Hemp Cbd Gummies 400 Mg

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Tribe CBD has created these delicious CBD hemp gummies and claims this product to be all-natural. The bottle also states that it contains 400 mg of CBD goodness. You can even get these gummies in a packet form as well.

The gummies taste great and contain more CBD than what the label claims. Therefore, our review experts gave this product a recommended rating because it truly is what it claims to be.

The total CBD every bottle offers is 577.09 mg. However, there were no traces of any other beneficial cannabinoids such as THC, CBC, CBG, and CBN.

The gummies are safe as they do not contain any traces of solvents or pesticides.

Tribe Cbd Broad Spectrum Cbd Sleep Shot

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CBD based sleep shots by Tribe – what a brilliant idea for a product. Our experts gave this product a recommended rating for staying true to what it claims to be on the label. These sleep shots over 21.64 mg of CBD goodness per bottle at a fairly inexpensive price label.

Tribe CBD claims this product comes from broad-spectrum hemp extract; therefore, you will find two of the beneficial cannabinoids. These include CBN and CBD at 0.14 mg and 0.28 mg, respectively. There are no signs of THC or CBG in the product.

The company also allows you to buy this product as a single serving to try before you buy at a very reasonable price.

Our lab test did not find any signs of harmful industrial solvents or pesticides in these sleep shots. If you try this product and it helps you sleep – you can thank us later.

Tribe Cbd Oil Tincture 1000 Mg Natural Flavor

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This CBD-based oil tincture by Tribe comes in natural citrus flavor. The label claims the bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD. Again, our review team found this tincture to be true to its claim; therefore, they awarded it with the recommended rating.

Although the CBD oil does not contain any THC, you will find all the other rare cannabinoids beneficial for CBD users. These include CBN, CBC, and CBG at 10.74 mg, 15.33 mg, and 4.22 mg, respectively.

The actual CBD levels per bottle are higher than the label’s claim at 1039.52 mg. Additionally, the product is free of any pesticides and harmful industrial solvents.


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