We at Real Tested CBD are always on the lookout for the best CBD products available for the consumers. We aim to provide a thorough review of innovative CBD products prepared according to the guidelines provided by the government of the USA.

There is a huge line up of CBD brands on our review list, so feel free to check out what CBD brands and products we have reviewed so far.

We run these products through stringent lab tests to find if they are what they claim to be. Our lab tests check the levels of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids in these products. Additionally, we check if these products are safe for use and free of any industrial solvents and harmful pesticides.

Today, the CBD brand we are going to review is known as Ananda Hemp. They have been in the hemp industry for over 20 years and hail from Kentucky. All their products come from homegrown hemp as they have contracted generational farmers in the area for hemp farming since 2014.

All of Ananda Hemp’s products are organic and non-GMO products. They do not use any herbicides or pesticides during farming of their hemp plants. Here is a complete review of three of their products that we tested.

Ananda Hemp’s Spectrum Gels – 2 Pack

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These soft gel capsules by Ananda Hemp come from full-spectrum hemp plant extract. This product offers 30 mg of CBD goodness and is completely non-psychoactive. However, our lab test results found the CBD levels to be slightly lower than the label’s claim at 24.33 mg.

As this is a full-spectrum product, we found other beneficial phyto-cannabinoids in these CBD capsules, including d9-THC, CBG, and CBC at 0.84 mg, 0.23 mg, and 0.87 mg respectively. Our lab test found no traces of industrial solvent or pesticides in this product.

These softgel capsules by Ananda Hemp are completely legal and compliant with standards defined by the government. If you are a CBD user who likes to have CBD fix on the go or looking for a convenient and precise intake of CBD dose on a daily basis, you must try these softgel capsules.

Ananda Hemp Extract Cbd Oil

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This hemp extract CBD oil by Ananda Hemp is a full-spectrum CBD product. The levels of CBD and other cannabinoids in this product indicate that this oil comes from a very high-quality whole hemp plant extract.

The ingredients in this CBD oil contain organic hemp seed oil, MCT oil, Ananda Hemp extract, and Terpenes botanically derived from the hemp plant. All you need is one dropper a day under the tongue to replenish your CBD levels.

This product also contains 0.3 percent of THC. Our lab test found the CBD levels close to the levels claimed by the label at 34 mg. As this product is also a full-spectrum product, we found a good quantity of other beneficial cannabinoids in this product.

It contains 35.46 mg of d9-THC and 10.3 mg of CBD per pack. There were no signs of any harmful pesticides or solvents in this CBD oil.

This product is good for post-workout recovery, a sense of relaxation, and calmness. It can also help you manage moderate to serious stressors in your daily life. You get approximately 30 servings per bottle.

Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gels

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This product appears to be well produced. Our lab test results found the CBD claims of this product to be close to the label’s claim, though on the lower side. It appears that this spectrum gel by Ananda Hemp is utilizing a potent medicinal and more expensive distillate instead of using a cheap CBD isolate.

It also contains a significant quantity of d9-THC, which indicates that it comes from a high-quality whole hemp extract, and it is a full-spectrum product as well.

It contains 24.39 mg of CBD. Plus, we found additional cannabinoids such as 0.87 mg of CBC and 0.23 mg of CBG in this product, and it contains 0.87 mg of d9-THC as well. Overall, this product provides 15 mg of CBD goodness.

Our lab test results found no traces of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or any industrial solvents in this product.

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