Ready Playa One Set to Give Digital Wealth Enthusiasts an Opportunity to Get into the Blockchain Wealth Creation Potentials

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Wealth has never been easier to create than now with what the digital space has enabled and allowed to flourish. Artists, entrepreneurs, talented individuals, and young professionals have all stepped into their creative elements to turn their lives around with the deluge of opportunities to create wealth for not just themselves but others. M2Thak, a huge beneficiary of the digital space’s dividends, is set to introduce his latest creation, Ready Playa One, a new non-fungible token drop that promises to break barriers and transcend limitations in the world of wealth creation.

NFTs have made the rounds as the new digital assets through which people can own real-world items like art, written content, music and a host of many other created assets. Operating on the blockchain technology which cryptocurrency is based on, NFTs are potentially the next big thing in the wealth-creating world; and M2Thak is plugged right into it with his Ready Playa One Innovative Initiative.

A quick description of these tokens on the Ready Playa One website said, “Set in the year 2091, a parallel dimension was inadvertently created after the particle accelerator at CERN, The European Council for Nuclear Research, was pushed far past its limits. The world as we knew it was instantly changed into a video game type reality where humans were fused with AI and live inside a Virtual Reality.”

Ready Playa One is yet another proof that blockchain technology is such a vast area that cuts across every aspect of the world. It has brought out a new creative side of many people in the last couple of years, and M2Thakis tapping into that promise that transcends the ordinary.

The innovative and entrepreneurial M2Thak has made his mark in multiple spaces, most notably entertainment. He has been a part of many individuals’ and industries’ growth. He is one of YouTube’s earliest investors, a platform where he has built quite a strong presence with his videos amassing more than 12 million views. His strong network in showbiz and entertainment has also played a huge role in the prankster and rapper’s come-up. His passion, determination and brilliance have earned him friendships with big names in the entertainment world like Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, Bow Wow, French Montana, Soulja Boy, Steve Aoki, Andrew Cherng, and many more.

As preparations peak for the pre-release of Ready Playa One, people can choose to side with the humans, humanoids or mercenaries.

“The game is mostly split into two factions, Human and Humanoid, but some act as rogue mercenaries fighting for either side. The humans think they should have more rights because they are human. The Humanoids believe they should have equal rights,” the website stated. 

Ready Playa One’s launch is the manifestation of M2Thak’s goal of creating a better world. Through innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and investments, he hopes to inspire the next generation to lay claim to all that the world has to offer through technological advancements.

Learn more about Ready Playa One on the official website.

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