Pull out your best lawn chairs — 420 is upon us and there is an excellent patch of grass in the sun with your name on it, beckoning you to kick off those slides, get your eyes red, and take a voyage into the ether. Thankfully, your friends at LA Weekly have been working tirelessly to put together another stellar 420 box, curated with the best cannabis and marijuana related products to ensure this year’s celebration is one for the books (and for the papers 😜).

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The ultimate kit for those who love to smoke in style! Inside, you’ll find an awesome themed bong, top-quality smoking accessories, and our exclusive Quick Hitters – a disposable one-hitter that’s perfect for on-the-go tokes. We’ve handpicked each item with care, so you can kick back, relax, and show off your laid-back vibes. Level up your smoking game with the 420 Influencer Box – it’s time to be the envy of your smoke circle!





CAKE is a women co-founded and operated brand that curates cannabis around quality extraction. We use a cryogenic chamber to agitate the flower and extract cannabinoids through a solventless process. The high is superior in our full gram and rechargeable disposables.

shehitsdifferent.com | @cakehitsdifferent



Dabwoods is introducing their new line of Liquid Live Rosin. Produced through a solventless process with a combination of heat, pressure, and low temperature, liquid live rosin unlocks the full potential of the cannabis plant. It is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate without any additives. Dabwoods’ advanced vape hardware provides precise and consistent vaporization that releases the full flavor and aroma of the liquid live rosin without harshness on your throat, resulting in an elevated experience.



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Fuzed All-In-Ones are taking the cannabis world by storm with its innovative low-temperature ceramic coil technology and all-natural terpenes. This winning combination delivers exceptional flavors, without the dreaded burned aftertaste. With witty and edgy branding, Fuzed appeals to adventurous cannabis enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled vaping experience. The diverse selection of flavors ensures there’s a perfect option for everyone. Fuzed is the hottest new sensation in the cannabis scene and is an absolute must-try. 



Dime Industries


Weed Base with a Great Taste

Dime Industries’ Signature Line is our award-winning, live resin-infused distillate cartridge. We’ve taken popular strains and enhanced them to make them taste like their respective flavor names. This line is made with strain-specific terpene blends for an unmatched vaping experience. With a nice weed taste and a juicy, flavorful finish, you’ll quickly find a new favorite. 

600mg All-In-One devices & 1000mg tanks available!



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Wish you could customize your high?

Introducing BUD LOVE! It’s not cannabis, but a Premium Herbal+ Mixer designed to be combined with your favorite strains and enjoyed together, like the mixer in a cocktail – only for flower. Marshmallow Leaf, CBG, and Terpenes come together to elevate your smoking experience, with less cough, no anxiety, customized high, plus it makes your BUD LAST LONGER!

FREE SHIPPING on all orders $10 or more!


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Heights is for those who seek more. More out of their flower, more out of their relations and more out of their life. We support those who seek excellence in everything they do.
Our premium LA Indoor hand-trimmed flower is consciously packed in an eco-friendly, compostable, mylar bag. We stand behind our product and will always display the full terpene and cannabinoid profile for our strains. Heights flower is perfect for those looking for the highest quality indoor flower grown right in the heart of Los Angeles.
Our genetics library combined with classic cannabis strains provide you with a unique, in-house strain portfolio you won’t find anywhere else.

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