Raymond D. Whiting II His New Book Is an Eye-opener to His Readers

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Oftentimes, writers have to put in long hours without company. They could be contracted to write for a certain publication, or they might compose and submit a finished story, play, or book to a publishing house for consideration. They may save themselves time and effort by pitching story or book ideas to editors before beginning the actual writing.

Sometimes a book will have numerous authors all working together with the guidance of an editor. A writer’s ability to create his own piece of writing without any proper guidance is so rare that only the finest authors ever achieve this. Raymond Whiting, who is a successful businessman, is among those few authors who write on their own. The success that he enjoys is mainly because of his inborn skills and abilities, which are beyond anything that any publisher could ever teach him. The book that Raymond D. Whiting II has written, “Rayon’s Destiny”, has already gained a lot of attention from readers since it came out.

Research is a common first step for fiction authors. Writers who draw inspiration from real-world or historical events should be well-versed in the relevant details. They look for relevant material in books and conduct in-person interviews with experts. To some extent, life experience, traveling and more than 20 years in the real estate industry, requires proficiency in research. This is so obvious that research skills of Raymond are on a very high level, and as soon as anyone reads his book, they will definitely agree with it.

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Rayon was living a decent life when suddenly, an incident at the local store changed his life forever. Everything in his life dramatically changed within a few moments. From growing up in a civilized neighborhood, he was pushed into a ghetto suburb, where no one seemed to live by the rules. Once Rayon realizes what happened, he thinks to himself that his world will never be the same. Rayon’s life completely took a turn for the worse after the demise of his innocent mother, whose life was consumed in a gang shootout, Rayon was reunited with his grandmother. From that day on, Rayon was never the same. He had to make changes to suit his new way of life. He needed to reassure his heartbroken grandmother that her daughter was now in a better place. Despite the obstacles he had to face, Rayon was able to receive his education and, even further, helped by providing a little more than what he thought was enough. Rayon’s grandmother always wondered in detail what had happened to her daughter, but dare not question her grandson regarding this matter. Rayon made new friends and struggled to keep his distance from the wrong crowd while sticking to the principles his mother had taught him. Though he sometimes struggled to do what he knew was right, his mother’s training, along with her own successful example and Rayon’s moral character, never allowed him to go too far astray. He lost friends and relationships along the journey, but in the end, he managed to survive and succeed.

Despite all of the obstacles, Raymond stood firm by his actions and became what he is now, a successful businessman and an author who is currently writing fantasy fiction novels. He was always fascinated by fantasy, and with his firm belief in himself as an author, he is creating fantasy fiction masterpieces. It is often said that a book reflects the life of its author, and that is why the core of Raymond’s upcoming best-seller is based entirely on resilience, entrepreneurship, honesty, and being easy-going because all these traits are present in him as well.

An author’s unique personality shines through in every work they generate. Any piece of fiction worth reading should make its readers care about the outcome and the hidden message that could change anyone’s thought process, no matter the genre. Magic is the central theme of fantasy fiction books. Fantasy books might be about romance, history, adventure, or all three, but it is the magical aspect that defines them differently. Raymond’s “Rayon’s Destiny” is essential reading for any fantasy fiction reader since it satisfies all of these qualities.

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