Often-remarked-upon L.A. duo Rainbow Arabia--a Manimal Vinyl favorite if not a Manimal Vinyl flagship band, too–have just announced they've signed to Germany's storied techno-and-more label Kompakt, home to Superpitcher, the Orb, Gui Boratto and more. If anyone remembers Kompakt's kind words about Rainbow Arabia, they won't be surprised:

RAINBOW ARABIA may be new to the scene but this husband and wife duo from Los Angeles made waves their recent mini LP “Kabukimono” – they have an uncanny ability to raise the Arabian rave to the upteeth level and sound nothing quite like anyone else we have crossed paths with.

And if you remember what L.A. Weekly's John Payne said, you'll know why we're happy for them:

Rainbow Arabia put out this EP called The Basta, a little jewel that conjoins a lot of, say, DFA Records-oriented freaky dance grooves ornately draped with some intriguing Middle Eastern polyrhythms. The EP's a punky mix of ferocious deep-bass synths sync'd with a small army of drum machines and percussion, and Tiffany's unclichéd Arabic-oriented guitar fuzz and gothlike vocals instantly established Rainbow Arabia as the purveyors of something identifiably by-God new. […] Further drenched in heavy rains of distortion, phase-shifting, fuzz, fuzz and more fuzz, Rainbow Arabia's music really takes you places, and of course the difference is that somehow it all adds up to something beyond, way beyond a mere pastiche of its very interesting source materials. That is where it's at, as far as the best new, um, “world music” hybrids coming down the chute are concerned.

New album and debut full-length Boys & Diamonds--Rainbow Arabia's first release since last year's Kabukimono EP on Manimal, the latest in a series of singles or EPs–will be out early in 2011. MP3 teasers of B&D currently verboten but enjoy a Manimal-era track below.

RAINBOW^ARABIA- Haunted Hall by manimal vinyl

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