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Aesthetic medicine is increasing in demand across the western world. As anti-aging medications become the trending form of care, the need for high-end, expert medical practitioners who understand the medical and aesthetic results patients seek increases. Patients seeking anti-aging treatments are always skeptical about the procedures and what they entail.

A trailblazer in her field, Dr. Rahi is infusing a modern approach to innovative aesthetics medicine. Her methods aim to nurture the internal and external well-being of her patients. By supporting both internal as well as external, Dr. Rahi offers a holistic approach to the overall health of your well-being.

She followed an unconventional route to Integrative Aesthetics; after completing her medical education at Ross University School of Medicine, she held a residency in Internal Medicine from the University of Southern California and then pursued a fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona.

Dr. Rahi has devoted her life to the medical community, volunteering and caring for her patients. Moved by the realities she saw with the pandemic, she decided to take the leap and transition into private aesthetic medical practice. She runs a clinic in Beverly Hills with three dedicated and passionate nurses. She knows every person is unique; hence she tailors individual strategies to heal each patient.

One attribute she’s notable for amongst her patients is practicing what she preaches. She believes in a holistic approach to beauty, health, and wellness. In the traditional medicine approach, immediate “sick care” responds to patients’ ailments rather than their overall well-being. Offering complete “health care” is what Dr. Rahi prioritizes most in her treatments.

She focuses on inner healing to attain better health. She goes beyond treating patients’ surface-level concerns to caring for their overall health. Her motto is “health, wellness, and beauty from the inside out.” Through openness, trust, and communication, she forms positive relationships with her patients and encourages them to value their entire being, not only a specific part.

A quick treatment may not always be the best. The rapid results may be enticing, but sometimes details, such as safety and future outcome, need to be considered, and for that, it is crucial to have a doctor who prizes your long-term health. Dr. Rahi helps her patients achieve their goals through her innovative aesthetic services. She offers a wide range of services, the most popular of which are anti-aging and regenerative medicine, hormone therapy, fillers, Botox, and PDO threads. Because her patients are the epicenter of her profession, she will extend a hand and recommend other services she doesn’t offer but believes will benefit her patients in the long run.

Dr. Rahi is a staunch enthusiast of innovative medicine and the newest technologies in practice. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining good and healthy habits for her patients. With an expansion of her aesthetic medical clinic in the works, Dr. Rahi aspires to offer cutting-edge technological treatments while partnering with other health practitioners and healthcare services to provide a wholesome wellness program to her clients.

Aesthetic medicine needs a more holistic approach for patients to understand themselves better. Dr. Rahi is answering that call – helping patients become aware of their mental, physical, and emotional health. She’s making sure that anti-aging medicine is not a one-way dose. Physicians and patients have a pivotal role in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, Dr. Rahi believes as an Iranian immigrant female, it is important to voice her support for the current female-led revolution in Iran.

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