Selective androgen receptor modulators, better known as SARMs, are investigational compounds that could improve muscle mass and performance.

One of those SARMs goes by RAD-140 or Testolone, and many consider it to be one of the most potent products for gaining size.

In this article, we’re going over everything there is to know about this SARM. That means we’re discussing the effects, results, side effects, and where to buy it.

What Is RAD 140?

RAD 140, known by many as Testolone, is an investigational SARM. These types of compounds work differently than other performance enhancers.

They bind directly to the androgen receptors in the body and don’t interfere with any other processes. This is said to cause fewer side effects despite being extremely effective at putting on mass and strength.

RAD140 Testolone bottle

And because of this different mechanism, they’ve gotten popular amongst athletes, bodybuilders, and gym rats. It’s all about the idea of getting fast gains with fewer side effects.

It’s crucial to get yourself high-quality RAD140, which can get problematic because many companies are faking or underdosing these products.

The only company we feel comfortable recommending is Science.Bio, we’ve tried their SARMs, and they’ve all turned out to be legit. You can buy Testolone from them by clicking here.

Keep reading as we look at other crucial information on this compound.

RAD140 Benefits & Results

For information on benefits and results, we’ve mainly turned towards user reports and experiences.

Many point out that RAD140 (Testolone) is one of the best SARMs for packing on size and strength. When asked about the benefits, they’ve mentioned the following:

  • Enhanced lean muscle mass gains
  • More strength and power
  • It hardens the muscles
  • More vascularity and definition
  • Increased aggression

It’s mainly used for bulking because that’s when it’s said to shine the most. After thoroughly going through dozens of user experiences, the average amount gained from a cycle is 10 to 20lbs.

Many users see drastic results after a moderate cycle of 6 to 8 weeks. It’s not advised to run it for longer than eight weeks due to the potential adverse effects.

You will absolutely need post cycle therapy and cycle support when using this compound. Here are our recommendations, make sure to check them out:

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Make sure to stock up on these before beginning your cycle.

The Best Dosage For RAD 140

You don’t want to jump into your cycle without knowing everything there is to know about the best RAD140 dosage.

We’ve already told you how potent this stuff is, meaning you won’t need a lot of it for it to work effectively.

Between 10 to 20mg per day of RAD140 will be sufficient and will pack plenty of power, meaning increasing the dosage won’t be necessary.

When we look at anecdotal reports online, a typical cycle is started at 10mg per day and increased to 20mg per day halfway through.

RAD140 Results

Clinical research has shown it to be highly effective at just 1mg, so imagine what this amount can do.

Going any higher than 20mg per day is pretty much unheard of since the benefits don’t outweigh the risks. You’ll occasionally see user logs where someone takes up to 30mg, but it does not offer more advantages than it would at 20mg.

Start at a low dose for your first cycle and go from there. If you get the desired effects and results at 10mg per day, there’s no reason to increase it further.

When To Take RAD140

We often get asked when to take RAD140 and whether morning or night is better. The truth is that the timing doesn’t really matter as long as you stay consistent with taking your dosage simultaneously.

That means if you take it in the morning, keep doing that every day throughout the cycle. It won’t impact results or effectiveness, meaning you should dose it when it suits you the best.

The Half-Life Of RAD140

The half-life of RAD-140 is roughly 20 hours. Due to the relatively long half-life of this compound, dosing once per day is sufficient.

How To Take RAD 140 Liquid

Knowing how to take your RAD 140 liquid is extremely important because you don’t want to mess up the dosage.

That’s why you have to pay close attention and do it the right way. Let’s say your RAD 140 liquid is a bottle of 30ML.

The product contains 300mg of Testolone at 10mg/ML. So, 1 ML equals 10mg of the active ingredient. That means if you want to dose it at 5mg per day, you’re going to need 0.5ML.

Each bottle typically comes with a pipette, so it’s easy to measure out your dosage. The pipette usually has the measurements on it, so you can see when you’ve drawn back enough of the liquid.

Once you’ve drawn back the correct dosage in the pipette, you release it into the subject’s mouth and swallow it. It will taste strong; therefore, most have a beverage on hand to drink directly after it.

You need to get Testolone from a reliable source because many companies are known to underdose their products. Buy it directly from, as they’re the most reliable vendor currently around.

How Long Does It Take For RAD140 To Kick In?

On average, it takes a minimum of one week for it to kick in fully. Some might experience the effects sooner, where for others, it could take a few days longer.

Some of you might wonder, how will I feel when it starts to kick in?

It’s notorious for delivering extreme strength gains, and that’s one of the first things many will notice.

You’ll increase the weights or reps on every exercise, which stays that way throughout the entire cycle.

You will know once it kicks in, that’s for sure.

If you’re still not feeling anything after about ten days, the chances are that you’ve got an underdosed or bunk product.

Does RAD 140 Require PCT?

RAD 140 definitely requires a post cycle therapy (PCT) because it suppresses hormone production. It’s actually more suppressive than the other SARMs due to its potency.

That means that it will always require a SARMs PCT, even if your cycle is short and at a low dosage. You have to plan this as you need to have it on hand when the time is ready.

RAD140 PCT Stack

As your RAD140 PCT, we recommend getting the PCT Stack by Huge Nutrition. This over the counter available stack was developed for users that need assistance with recovering after a cycle of SARMs or prohormones.

You start it the day after you finish your cycle; you have to take both supplements found in the stack daily for four weeks. By doing so, you’ll restore your hormones and maintain the gains you’ve gotten.

The stack contains Rebirth and Enhance, two massively stacked products designed to boost test levels. Rebirth also contains Arimistane, a potent anti-estrogen compound that can be used as PCT.

You can purchase the PCT stack by clicking here.

Please note that ignoring the use of post cycle therapy could result in low testosterone, which is associated with fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and decreased sexual desire.

RAD 140 Side Effects

Researching with RAD140 comes with the potential risk of getting side effects. Based on clinical research and anecdotal experiences, some of the side effects are, but are not limited to:

  • Testosterone suppression (requires post cycle therapy)
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Elevated lipids

Compared to the other SARMs, it is by far the one with the most adverse effects. The dosage that is used will play a significant role in side effects.

The higher the dosage, the higher the chances are of experiencing side effects. Therefore most choose to keep the dosage low to moderate.

According to various user reports online, everyone runs into side effects with RAD140, mild or severe.

We highly recommend running a cycle support supplement during your RAD140 cycle. It will help your organs and lipids stay healthy, which is essential.

Our to-go on cycle support is Defend, which holds all the essentials you should be looking for in this type of product.

How Long Does RAD 140 Stay In Your System?

According to the data available, RAD140 stays in your system for roughly 2 to 3 weeks.

This means that after the last dosage, it takes 14 to 21 days to leave your system altogether.

Comparing RAD140 VS LGD

Many compare RAD140 vs. LGD4033 because they’re considered the two most effective SARMs for packing on size.

Either of these compounds is said to come with the ability to enhance lean muscle mass, strength, and performance. When it comes to potency, RAD140 is stronger than LGD4033.

But with potency comes more risk of adverse effects. That means you’ll have to determine what your goals are and which compound suits the needs.

LGD-4033 is mainly used for those new to these products, whereas Testolone is for more experienced users. One thing is for sure; both are exciting compounds; we can’t wait for more clinical data to become available.

Reputable Sources With RAD 140 For Sale

You don’t want to go out and buy RAD140 from the first place you come across.

The reason for this is the market is flooded with underdosed or counterfeit products. These can pose a severe risk, meaning they should be avoided at all costs.

We get all our SARMs directly from one of the world’s most reputable sources, Ever since first trying them out, we’ve been loyal customers.

Click here to purchase RAD140 from the best vendor on the market.

They are simply the most reliable and trusted SARMs sellers out on the market right now. They have strict quality control on every compound they sell, including RAD140, meaning you can’t go wrong with buying from them.

They’re also one of the few companies that publish third-party tests. That tells us a lot about the legitimacy of this company.


RAD140 (Testolone) is an extremely potent SARM, and we’ve shown you everything there is to know about it.

Here are the most critical highlights featured in this article:

  • Testolone is powerful, and users can see gains of up to 15lbs from one cycle.
  • It kicks in relatively fast, typically after a week.
  • RAD140 causes testosterone suppression, meaning post cycle therapy is a necessity. Use the PCT Stack by Huge Nutrition for four weeks.
  • It does come with side effects, ranging from mild to severe.
  • Generally speaking, the dosage is between 10 to 20mg per day.
  • Most research with this compound for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Stays in the system for about two to three weeks
  • Only buy RAD140 from reputable sources; we swear by
  • Using cycle support is a must as well; we recommend Defend.

Make sure to read through this article if you are planning to research this compound.




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