Rachel Ngom on the Importance of Multiple Income Streams in Helping Women Entrepreneurs Build Generational Wealth

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Many female entrepreneurs feel that, no matter how hard they work, they are weighed down, burnt out, and unable to be as available as they like to their families and loved ones.

Rachel Ngom has found a way to beat these professional traps and create multiple income streams and generational wealth while beating burnout and having more free time. Now, she teaches other women how to do the same.

“I help clients hack the system and learn to put their personal lives first. I help them think outside the box and generate multiple income streams,” the coach and businesswoman shared.

As the Founder of She’s Making an Impact, Ngom educates purpose-driven female professionals, helping them to make the right steps toward multiple income streams, generational wealth, and true financial freedom.

She has a wide range of online offerings, from classes to coaching sessions, and a popular podcast where she shares tricks, tips, and news with her loyal following. Early next year, she will introduce a highly anticipated new course, Success Without Stress.

With popular episodes on sidestepping burnout to hacks on working fewer hours every week, Ngom’s education style mixes science with experience, served up with a large dose of understanding the lives of modern women.

Broke to Booming

For Ngom, success was far from a happy coincidence. Though she holds a master’s in social work, she struggled to find great positions or fulfillment in the field. She soon found herself pregnant and on food stamps, with negative $400 in her checking account. She knew that she had to make some changes.

After deciding to learn social media marketing and network marketing through a course, she set about digging herself out of debt by selling most of her personal items.

“I realized that, up until that point, I literally had no idea what I was doing. But I knew I could work it out and began studying the best way to market myself and my business to regain independence, financially and personally,” she said.

So she pursued network marketing and used Pinterest to help grow her business. Shortly thereafter, following success as a Pinterest expert, she started teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

From there, she pursued another long-held dream that would lead her to the start of creating multiple income streams — she moved abroad with her family.

Creating Income Streams

Today, Ngom runs her super-successful coaching business and podcast. At the same time, back in Senegal, she and her husband have a car rental business as well as a large-scale egg farm.

Pardon the pun, but the entrepreneur knows that having all your financial eggs in one basket — or business — is rarely a good idea.

“You have to have multiple income streams because if you rely on just one and it goes away, you are left without almost anything,” she said. “I help clients hack the system and learn balance. I help them think outside the box and generate multiple income streams.”

And, never one to rest on her laurels, Ngom continues to develop further streams of income. In her adopted home state of Florida, Ngom and her horse trainer husband have an equestrian property and plan to open batting cages next year.

It’s these varied income streams that will create the generational wealth that Ngom is aiming for. The kind that leaves a legacy of business and assets that can be passed on to her children.

This is a topic she often works through with her coaching clients. “Generational wealth means creating a business that can ‘live on.’ I often ask them how we can ensure that future generations benefit from what we do now,” she explained.

Among the benefits of creating successful income streams and generational wealth are time freedom, financial freedom, more vacation time, more energy, and less stress.

It’s these enviable attributes that cause female entrepreneurs to seek out Ngom and learn more about what she has accomplished.

About Rachel Ngom

Rachel Ngom is the founder of She’s Making an Impact, where she is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs create multiple income streams, financial freedom, and generational wealth that will serve their families without sacrificing what matters most. She offers guidance to anyone on their entrepreneurial journey to scale without burnout with her online courses, coaching, and the She’s Making an Impact podcast, all while working just 20 hours each week. In January of 2023, she is launching a new course, Success Without Stress. For more information, or to make an impact with her, please visit rachelngom.com/

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