Quinashai Chelette is controlling her narrative and brand heading into 2023 

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The price of free speech and freedom is exceptionally high. 

Revealing your authentic thoughts and feelings in life is a beautiful expression of freedom and liberation. Millions of people suppress their truth, personality, desires, and beliefs because they fear mankind’s opinion.

Living a life of deep personal regret kills people’s dreams and aspirations of fulfilling them. Swallowing the immense pill of mediocrity is the ultimate sign of personal failure and creates unknown geniuses.

Going against the grain and pursuing the unconventional path of greatness is designed for supreme beings and not mere mortals.  Understanding the enigmatic language of survival, entrepreneurship, and balancing intimate relationships is a tightrope most people can’t walk without falling.

Life’s darkest and most dangerous elements exist on the unknown journey to manifestation. Remaining fearless and bold simultaneously is reserved for natural-born leaders blessed with panoramic vision. Speaking without the trepidation of being rejected by mainstream America is expensive in today’s society.

Quinashai Chelette feels the power of pursuing the unthinkable.  

New Orleans native and Serial Entrepreneur Quinashai Chelette embody the ethos of freedom. Since birth Quinashai Chelette’s family engrained into her introspective mind the power of free speech. Believing in originality and embracing visible imperfections taught Quinashai Chelette to never allow any person or anything to have control over her future.

Quinashai Chelette’s voice speaks truth to power for Generation Z consumers. Her ability to create bold inventiveness and mastery from the seeds of simplicity is unrivaled.  Quinashai Chelette travels the earth with an ultra-beam light. This ultra-beam light guides Quinashai’s steps of progress and empowers her humble greatness.

Quinashai Chelette recently inked a video distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS TV. She’s releasing her documentary’ House of Chelette Volume 1′ on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google TV, Fandango, and VUDU. RADIOPUSHERS TV is a global visual distribution platform for progressive, unconventional content creators.

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