Quench Your Thirst With Mela Water

When you’re craving something refreshing to drink aside from coconut water, green juice, or soda try Mela Water, the latest alternative that’s 100 percent natural with antioxidants and electrolytes sourcing watermelons from the most exotic destinations in Southeast Asia. It’s packed with mouthwatering flavor combinations such as watermelon and ginger, watermelon and pineapple and watermelon and passion fruit.

Owner, Dominic Purpura, has been an entrepreneur his entire life. He helped start a beef jerky company in southern California which had a lot of success. While working at that company, Dominic was still trying to search for a product he could launch or buy on his own. He started to notice a huge movement in the hydration world. Five years ago, the only place you could buy a Pedialyte (an electrolyte solution used to restore minerals and fluids) was at CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens. Now, Pedialytes are sold everywhere at gas stations and liquor stores. Because of the term hydration and everything about whether that’s from Gatorades, coconut water Pedialytes or liquid I.V., Dominic points out how huge the hydration industry is and how people want to get more for less. They feel instead of drinking a gallon of water, they can drink one Pedialyte and get just as much hydration out of it. 

Dominic realized that hydration was such a good industry. As coconut water is the next big move of hydration, he strongly believes Mela Water will be at the forefront of the hydration industry. In 2021, Dominic purchased Mela Water from two guys based out of Seattle, Washington. “The guy that I met the company for was traveling in Indonesia and he noticed that watermelon water was a very big part of their culture,” Dominic says it’s such a big industry. “When he went to the gym there was watermelon water. It was at the bars and on street corners. He noticed that watermelon water was a big part of other cultures, but it wasn’t in the United States.” Dominic went on to say, “Coconut water is in every single store, every coffee shop and every gas station, but nobody knows what watermelon water is. Essentially what watermelon water is we take the inside core of a watermelon and we juice it so it’s just the red juicy part of the watermelon. We use the term water because it’s not as thick as a juice, it’s exactly like water.”

Right now, Mela Water has done a complete rebrand and revamp of their website and social media.  

Dominic has big plans for expanding Mela Water. It will be selling on Amazon and in a bunch of major retailer stores by the end of 2022. Mela Water will be in 15 states across the U.S and by the end of the year will be half of the states. He adds, “I think Mela Water is going to be at the front line because it’s just as hydrating as coconut water, but nobody has really tried watermelon water and it’s ten times better in terms of flavor and overall experience.”

LA Weekly