Qubii Duo: A Safe, Secure, and Reliable Storage Option for Your Important Files and Vacation Photos

The advancement in technology has made it easy for everyone to connect digitally and share information faster. Between the myriad of information and digital files sent between two or more parties, storing and protecting those large batches of files can be an issue to some. While many backup options, including cloud and external memory storage are available, they are often too expensive or inadequate for their intended function. Combining functionality and reliability is Qubii Duo, an efficient and secure storage option protecting your data from potential prying eyes.

Qubii Duo is a backup solution that protects your safety and privacy both online and offline. The storage and security product was designed by Maktar Inc, a technology company that develops products to improve efficiency and security. With its slender design, Qubii Duo provides a substitute storage solution for sensitive and vital data that can be shielded offline. The product incorporates extended security features such as patented password encryption and microSD card lock to further customer’s security needs. In addition, the AI technology within Qubii  is triggered when a device is plugged in to backup automatically while the phone is charging. However, every setting is customizable for the user from within the easy to navigate app.

Getting the Qubii Duo is a step in the right direction towards safety and privacy. The product ensures easy backup, unlimited space potential coupled with the freedom to choose your storage amounts through microSD card options, and is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Furthermore, compared to cloud services, Qubii Duo is more cost-efficient, convenient, and safer. More importantly, you have instant access to your files with or without the internet.

Available to a wide range of users, Qubii Duo is meant for everyone. Young professionals and parents who are often facing the problem of not having enough memory space on their mobile devices would especially find this a practical product to keep around. Whether it be confidential work materials, hundreds of cute baby pictures, or a plethora of photos from vacations, Qubii Duo comes in handy for any phone running low on capacity. With Qubii Duo’s unlimited storage potential, anyone in need of digital space can rest assure of safe and secure keeping for their data.

In the technology space, Qubii Duo’s indirect competitors are applications such as google photos, amazon photos and iCloud photo. However, the developers behind the security product designed it to be an upgrade over its competition.

“What separates us from our indirect competitors is our hardware itself that is securely offline. There is no need for the internet and it automatically backs up new photos when they are detected in your photo album. Also, we do not risk our clients’ information and data to malware. With our direct competitors, our security features are patented, not often included in other similar products. The size of Qubii is more or less the size of a marshmallow, and with our user-friendly app, our value proposition is winning by a few miles. Qubii Duo is simple, versatile, intuitive, fast, and secure,” they assured.

Learn more about Maktar Inc and Qubii Duo security products by visiting the company’s website.

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