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These days, there is plenty of mass-production cannabis products available due to the new legal framework in place that allows for it. However, not everyone wants to be the Walmart of weed. Some companies, like Backpack Boyz, focus on quality over quantity.

Backpack Boyz grows top-shelf exotic cannabis strains, and than wraps them up in premium packaging that is definitely eye-catching. They also produce urban wear made with edy colors and concepts. These two main product categories have cemented it as a popular Bay area cannabis lifestyle company. Today, their popularity has grown massively thanks to social media and word of mouth. People simply love the unique branding Backpack Boyz uses, and finds the quality of their strains and clothing to be superior to other brands, especiall in California.

This brand has caught the attention of some big-name influencers and athletes, who have gone on to promote the strains and apparel produced by Backpack Boyz. It has become a force to be reckoned with, even though the company has only been around since 2017. The team behind Backpack Boyz has been involved in the industry for a decade, which has helped ensure the quality trumps quality.

This California-based brand is experienced with growing premium-grade cannabis strains and placing it in uniquely-printed packaging with flashy designs. Anyone who sees their packaging or clothing will immediately notice a theme that is unmistakable.

Delicious is hardly a word to describe the sweet-tasting strains Backpack Boyz offers. In fact, they are almost like you’re smoking ice cream or cake. The uniqueness of their strains cannot be overstated because you seldom come across the unique flavor profiles you with with these buds, even in the saturated cannabis market.

What makes the brand’s style and designs so unique is the fact that it words with local artists who provide all of the designs. This gives both the packaging and apparel a unique artistic flair that can only be had thanks to collaborating with local artists who do it for the love of the craft, not to mass-produce the same regurgitated designs over and over. All of the artwork Backpack Boyz utilizes is tailored to fit the brand’s style.

After being in the industry for over a decade, the team behind Backpack Boyz has learned a thing or two about their trade. That has cemented them as one of the best in the Bay area, and even in the world. The exotic and premium cannabis strains grown by Backpack Boyz have caught on like wildfire, and continue to increase in popularity.

You get your hands on some of the apparel, or the exceptional and unique cannabis strains, Backpack Boyz has to offer, you can head over to their website. You can also follow them on Instagram @backpackboyz_b.legit.


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