Q&A with Ganja Goddess

GanjaGoddess.com is a female-founded cannabis delivery company that delivers cannabis right to your doorstep, everywhere California. From the biggest cities to the tiniest enclaves, this unique delivery company provides access to adults all over the state. Goddess offer simple online ordering, curating the best cannabis edibles, flowers, concentrates, and vapes in a highly informative menu. Founded in 2011, Ganja Goddess is a premium cannabis brand that makes buying the best weed easy, safe, and discrete, with amazing options at almost every price range. We talked to Tara, the founder of Ganja Goddess about what inspired her to start a cannabis delivery service that was inclusive of all types of consumers. Here is a small excerpt of her visionary take on cannabis today.

What motivated you to you start Ganja Goddess?

With GanjaGoddess.com, my dream was to normalize the experience of cannabis. My goal is to make it accessible and inviting to everyone. Luckily, I have had a lot of success in this mission. Ganja Goddess is more than just a delivery company, it’s a lifestyle that our customers can embrace. For most of our lives, cannabis has been demonized when actually it is a very healing herb. With legalization, I knew there was a unique opportunity to take my skills and knowledge and help educate people on the beneficial qualities of this plant. After all, when something makes you feel this good, whether it’s easing pain, boosting your moods, accessing deeper creativity, or opening your mind, why not try it?

When I first got involved in the cannabis business back in the medical marijuana days, dispensaries were not inviting at all – particularly to women. There was a heavy “bro culture” around most weed dispensaries, and that was if you were lucky enough to live near one. Much of the state didn’t even allow cannabis dispensaries. Despite the legalization of adult-use cannabis, even today it is difficult to access licensed cannabis outside of the major metropolises. More than 50% of all towns and cities in California still don’t have up and running cannabis retail shops, meaning people have to drive 60 or more miles to buy weed. Ganja Goddess offers same or next-day delivery throughout California, so you can reliably access great cannabis to matter where you work or live.

What makes Ganja Goddess different from the many other delivery services available in California?

That’s easy: Amazing customer service, a highly curated menu of the best herb, and low competitive prices.

We are known for our customer services. When you order with us, you become a member of the Ganja Goddess community. We provide our customers with support, helping with any of their questions. One of my pet peeves with ordering anything online is getting to a real person on the phone when there is an issue or a question. We have an amazing crew of customer service staff who actually answer the phone, listen, and return emails. They help our customers out by guiding them to the right products, letting them know current deals, and solving any problems that may come up.

We also have over 500 distinct products, including amazing, hard-to-find strains and a wide range of edibles for every mood.  We also have a huge selection vape pens and concentrates that rock your world. And let’s not forget lubricants to get you in the mood! We curate the hell out of our product choices, so anything you order you us has been vetted and tested by our team. I’m a stickler for all things organic and healthy, so our focus is in that direction.

Our prices are also one of the reasons people keep coming back for more. We like to have something for everyone, so we can help you out no matter what your budget. We run  specials every week so our customers can try out the newest products and brands at a lower price point.

You talk about cannabis as something that heals people.  Do you really think your average person uses cannabis for medical reasons? 

If something makes you feel good, isn’t that healing in and of itself? When we poll our customers, over 70% of them report that they use weed to address a health or wellness issue. Look, it’s like what I tell every employee when they are hired: Cannabis makes you feel good. It works on the body, the mind, and your spirit. Forget alcohol! The research coming out on cannabis shows that it helps with a myriad of issues. Whether you use it to relax after a hard day, reduce inflammation in your body, have great sex with your partner, or just to make you laugh a bit harder with your friends… that is all healing. And speaking of sex, I find that cannabis is really great for women. All of my female friends attest to the fact that imbibing a little bit of cannabis when you want to have a sensual, sexy night in with your lover is a sure fire method for fireworks. It’s all about relaxation for women and cannabis is a winner in that department.

So say I want to become a Ganja Goddess customer.  What do I do?

It is super easy. Just go to ganjagoddess.com and sign up. Or you can call 855-426-5246 and someone will help you become a customer. We also have a special discount for LA Weekly readers to get 20% off their first order. Just use the code LAWEEKLY and you get a great discount.

Then sit back and your order will be delivered before you know it.


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