Purchasing CBD Preroll Joints — Is Smoking Hemp Cigarettes Legal?

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Rolling and lighting joints is a central aspect of cannabis culture. Since joints are so closely associated with marijuana, many US customers assume they’re always illegal under federal law. However, with the rise in the CBD market, there’s a new legal breed of joints known as “hemp prerolls.”

Unlike high-inducing marijuana joints, CBD prerolls are readily accessible in every state with flexible hemp policies. Many CBD customers have already fallen in love with the unique flavors and effects these new “CBD joints” offer.

Is It Legal To Use CBD Preroll Joints?

As long as manufacturers abide by the 2018 US Farm Bill, hemp joints and cigarettes are legal in the USA. The crucial feature all legal CBD joints share is a delta-9 THC percentage below 0.3 percent. Companies need to verify their CBD products contain ≤ 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis to legally sell in the USA.

Although most states accept the ≤ 0.3 percent THC standard, a few territories are more strict with their CBD laws. For instance, states like Idaho only recognize recreational CBD items with zero THC. Also, since CBD joints closely resemble marijuana products, some legislatures have banned all smokable hemp items. Police often have difficulty distinguishing legit CBD joints from illegal marijuana products.

In most cases, hemp-derived CBD joints that come with third-party lab results are OK in the USA. However, you always have to double-check your state doesn’t have specific restrictions on these products. If you have doubts about the legal status of hemp and CBD, please consult a local lawyer with experience in cannabis law.

Why Do People Smoke CBD Joints?

After figuring out whether you can smoke CBD joints in your state, you may wonder why you’d try them. What’s the point of smoking hemp flowers rather than taking CBD oil or hemp edibles? Are there extra benefits associated with using CBD prerolls?

While everyone reacts differently to CBD joints, many customers claim these products have a high absorption rate. Since the hemp cannabinoids and terpenes in a preroll go directly into your lungs, they will enter your bloodstream within seconds. People who need to feel CBD’s calming properties quickly will likely enjoy CBD prerolls.

Also, CBD prerolls tend to offer the best access to rare secondary cannabinoids and terpenes. Since you’re literally smoking hemp flowers, they’re more likely to have noteworthy concentrations of chemicals like CBG, CBN, and CBC. People who believe in the “entourage effect” will get exposure to many exotic compounds while smoking a high-quality CBD preroll.

Lastly, CBD prerolls are convenient, especially for people who use hemp to replace cigarettes. While we don’t know how well CBD works to curb nicotine addiction, preliminary trials suggest CBD can help with cigarette cravings. Also, many people trying to quit tobacco now use CBD prerolls as a replacement.

Just keep in mind there’s no conclusive evidence that CBD prerolls can “treat” nicotine addiction. Patients should always work with an addiction specialist when tapering off drugs like tobacco.

Find Fire CBD Joints On Real Tested CBD

Hemp flower prerolls aren’t the “best” product for every consumer, but there’s a growing demand for CBD joints. Indeed, it’s getting easier to find CBD-rich smokable products in many CBD shops, dispensaries, and even a few gas stations. However, just because hemp prerolls are more common doesn’t mean they’re all top quality. Since hemp can easily pull heavy metals from the ground, there’s a chance some CBD prerolls could contain compounds like lead, mercury, or cadmium.

To avoid inhaling toxins, customers must request third-party lab tests from hemp flower farms. You could also read Real Tested CBD’s unbiased reviews of hemp joints for more details on some of America’s hottest CBD brands.

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